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Communication plays an essential role in our daily activities. Thus, communication helps us socialize and share our thoughts, opinions, and experiences with others no matter whether we at work or social places. Therefore, contacting involves exchanging of words with those we are interacting with. The language, the tone of our voice and body language only improve our communication skills. Effective communication in workplaces plays a vital role in promoting a good working relationship. Also, it helps in building a better understanding among the employees. Moreover, communication assists in establishing how the employees relate with one another within the organization. Thus, it is crucial for the employees to understand the organization communication culture to help them interact freely with their fellow employees. Hence, ineffective communication approach could create organization problems. The case study helps us understand the importance of effective communication in an organization. Thus, the purpose of this analysis is to evaluate Suzanne leadership capabilities, how she can bring change and the strategies to use to improve our organization.

Suzanna Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are the techniques that leader use to make good decisions regarding the organization objectives, visions and mission, and properly effectively and efficiently allocate resources to meet these directives. Thus, good leadership skills involve the ability to communicate effectively, ability to motivate, will to delegate, team building and recognition, creativity and strategic vision. The leadership traits include confidence, integrate and honesty.

Effective communication is one of the traits of the good leadership skills. Thus, effective information sharing in an organization helps in building a better interpersonal relationship between the organization employees. Information sharing gives employees the sense of belonging. This can help in avoiding disgruntled employees and promote teamwork in an organization. Thus, it important to share the organization plans to prevent miscommunication. Effective communication allows employees to be involved in the firm decision-making process leading to a collective outcome. In our case, Suzanna wanted to improve Interfaith Center by making it a better place, but she wanted to achieve that change by herself. Suzanna advocated for the transformation in the organization mission. She submitted that people aren’t aware of the Center’s mission and it must be rebuilt for it to be meaningful. Suzanna did not involve other employees or board members in arriving at his decision. Therefore, she did effectively communicate her plans to others.

Consequently, Suzanna lacked a strategic vision. Suzanna has passion and great ideas that can help in improving her workplace but are not good enough for the firm to succeed. Strategic vision is an important strategy that can assist in achieving change in an organization. A clear vision helps in formulating the organization goals and objectives. Thus, strategic vision would have helped Suzanna to outline the change, highlights the reasons for change and inform the purposes of the change. Suzanna only outlined the change. Strategic vision leadership shares with others the proposed amendment and makes sure that there are reasons for the change. Therefore, I think Suzanna lacks leadership skills.

How should Suzanna bring the idea of changing the mission?

Suzanna could have done the following to bring her idea of changing the mission of the organization. First, she should have taken a thoughtful approach in presenting her idea by preparing herself. Thus, informing the board members her idea and putting it up for discussion. Second, she should capture the essentials when presenting her idea. Hence, she should highlight the reasons the change is needed for and what has triggered the change. Third, she should introduce plans on how the change will be done. Therefore, Suzanna should bring up her idea to board members by the doing the outlined procedure. After she shared her intentions with the Board, she should then share the intentions with other employees in the organization.

Steps of Implementing Change

Suzanna could change the organization for the better by using the following steps.

1. Create Urgency

Suzanna could create a sense of urgency indicating the reason for the change. This help in initiating the change since people start talking about it. By creating urgency, she should examine the potential threats that could happen and identify the opportunities that could be exploited.

2. Create a team

Suzanna should convince other employees that the change is necessary. Thus, involving others help in creating a good background for change to happen. Working as a team will help in coming up with more ideas on how the change should be undertaken.

3. Create a vision for change

A clear vision of change will help other people understand your point view for a change. Thus, states the reason for the change and outlines important of change. This allows employees to know why they change is needed. Then create a strategy that will assist in executing the change.

4. Communicate the vision

After creating a clear vision, it’s essential to communicate your idea to the team members and other people in the organization. By doing this, Suzanna will be able to share information about the concerns people working in the organization might have. Also, inform how the vision will improve the organization operations.

5. Address the Challenges

Remove the obstacles that could prevent change from happening. At this stage, you should involve those who are willing to change and implement change.

6. Build on the Change

At this stage, Suzanna should focus on building and implementing the change in the organization. Also, set new objectives and goals that are based on the change.

7. Incorporate change to organization culture

The change becomes the part of the organization culture.

Thus, by using these steps, Suzanna should manage to achieve her desire to improve Interfaith Center.


How should Suzanna improve her communication skills?

Do you think that Suzanna lacks managerial skills?

What are strategies that Suzanna should use drive organizational change?

What are leadership skills did Suzanna portray?


Teamwork is a process of collectively working together for the success of organizations. In the Interfaith Centre, every person is allocated specific duty on which their work towards common goals. Suzanne as the leader of the organization is assigned major responsibilities of the organizations. Since the Interfaith Centre is a non-profit organization, the teamwork is very important. Cohesiveness and togetherness in an organizations lead to successful outcome. In the setting of the Interfaith Centre, there is there is no emphasis on teamwork. For instance, Suzanne wanted to change the mission statement of the company without involving others. Thus, there is a sense of individualism in the organizations. Suzanne is leading a group of elderly people.

There are a lot of conflicts within the Interfaith Centre organizations. Even before Suzanne came to be the leader of the organization, there was complain that Cindy didn’t deliver on her job. Also, there is a conflict between the employees showing that there is no teamwork. For instance, Angela is always complaining, for example, she complained that Jake was trying to take her job for try to give press information. Also, in the board meeting, there a lot of conflicts arising from different issues. Furthermore, Angela has a personal vendetta against Suzanne. Although there instances where teamwork lacked in the organizations, there are other areas excelled in teamwork. For instance, during the awards ceremony, everyone one worked and contributed to its success.

For successful teamwork, there must be rules that govern the team. First, the team must define and create interdependences among the members of the team. Second, they have to establish objectives and goals. Also, the team will create guidelines that will be followed by decision making. Moreover, there must be clear and constant feedback. Team members should be allowed to challenge status quo.


Why Interfaith Centre organization is lacking teamwork?

Why are so many conflicts within the organizations?

Is the organization leadership responsible for the lack of teamwork?



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