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Effect of Horror on the Culture

Horror, as one of the entertainment genres, is used in films, novels, comics, paintings, and in some instances, on clothing. As research indicates, the primary aim of the horror genre is to surprise, scare, or make the viewers afraid in different aspects. In other terms, the horror films create a psychological reaction such as an elevated heartbeat, which facilitates the issues as mentioned earlier. Furthermore, a sharp analysis of the horror genre, one will agree that the same has kept on evolving with time.

The establishment of this genre started Europe, as most books written sometime back incorporated the aspects mentioned at the beginning. As research indicates, some of the books, due the notion that they instilled fear, among other elements were banned, and as a result, its authors remained unknown as compared to authors of other genres. The introduction and adoption of the horror genres have had different effects on the society, whereby culture is one of the most affected attributes. Below is an explanation of the impact of the horror genre on different cultures across the world.

Some of the characteristics of horror genres and its subgenres include Alien invasions, cannibals, gigantic monsters, plagues and the availability of serial killers, who have some various effects to the society. With the change of time as research indicates, such aspects have been changing gradually, to become even more frightening. For example, this research suggests that with time, the fear of wicked deeds and practices and deeds were at once brought up, the film industry ensured that it would surprise its viewers on aspects related to the same. On this instance, some films on the same line got produced, although the film Exorcist played a significant role in this aspect. On the other element, with the introduction of mass murderers, the industry provided another entertaining but yet frightening film on the same referred to as slasher flicks.

Therefore, from the above aspect, it is quite evident that horror movies have a substantial impact on the society, especially towards the way of life of people. Research carried out on this aspect indicated that among the influences that the horror genre brings to the industry is the element of Cultural fear, whereby we are faced with anxieties, fake information, and unimaginable conspiracy theories. Much of this fear comes primarily from the imagination of zombies, which is common in the horror subgenre of Zombie horror. The Zombie movies, in many aspects, start with an outbreak of certain catastrophes associated with curses. The same spread faster within the society, unleashing its dangerous effects on the members of the community, leading to harrowing deaths. Research indicates that this creates a lot of fear, as some of the happenings are unimaginable.

The second effect of the horror genre to the current culture is on the kind of music available on the internet and many music shops across the world, especially in the United States of America and some parts of Europe. For example, one of the most renowned singers whose music has been influenced by this Element is Glen Danzig. The use of several elements characterizes his musical band, mostly observed in the horror movies, or those aspects can be found in horror books and novels. Furthermore, his music has of late been associated with the use of Crimson ghost, representing their Mascots. The Crimson ghosts are used in one of the famous horror movies in the world, Misfits. The Misfits is regarded to be the founders of the horror punk sub-genre, whose ideas are extracted from giants and zombies.

Other than the aspect as mentioned above, one can attest that the horror movies significantly influence music from the Gothabilly and Psychobilly, which heavily borrow from horror movies. The two are types of rock music, very common with specific populations in the United States of America and Europe. Some of the most common characteristics of this type of music include distorted guitars and breakbeats, aspects borrowed from the early 1970 horror movies. Other than the element mentioned above, the horror genre and its subgenres have significantly influenced the growth of Hip-hop Music, and one can learn this from the Kind of lyrics and videos of this type of music. Besides this, one of the characteristics of Hip Hop Music in the early ages included the taking of some loops, and tied them together, producing melody, an element that was also common with horror movies. With horror movies, some scenes associated with older movies could be taken and recreated in a slightly new way making new movies.

Other than the aspects as mentioned earlier, research has linked horror movies and its subgenres to comic books and graphic novels. Sources indicate that such has led to some issues of personalization, which had a significant societal impact in the 1940s and 1950s, especially in the American culture. Accordingly, such led to an increased form of criminal activities, characterized by violence as depicted in the books and movies of this genre, raising the alarm amongst different members of the society. As per findings of the historical research, this aspect seemed to be very influential in the culture, in the mentioned years, leading to congressional subcommittee hearings, which facilitated the formation of controversial laws referred to as comics code laws. These laws intended to govern and monitor how some violent happenings and crimes in the society were portrayed by unimaginable elements such as vampirism, and the best-suited mechanism to discipline the offenders, hence lowering such occurrences. The laws have been operational for quite some long time, until 2011 when they were disbanded.

Lastly, it is evident that many horror films created have led to some unexpected controversies on the culture and society, in a broader perspective. Some of the aspects of the horror genre have been fundamental towards the establishment of some national laws, other than the code of conduct mentioned at the beginning of this study. In the past, a Motion production code was enforced, intended to set guidelines on the ethical and moral aspects to be shown in horror movies. Such could control some of the themes, violence, nudity and related aspects that were considered to have a negative perspective on the society. Due to such, some horror movies were subjected to censorship to minimize their influence on the community.


The horror genre and its sub-genre has been vastly expanding over the years. Its fan base across the world is also significantly increasing. As a result, taxes incurred from the same are becoming higher, with some earning up to $101 million in a shorter lifespan. Of the essential aspects to note about the horror genre and the culture is the role of women. Unlike the past, where men did many staging, the modern horror subgenre incorporates women, and the fan base, categorically based on the female gender has increased. Women have become the primary audience, the principal authors of horror books, the main animators, and above all, the main protagonists of the contemporary horror films. Generally, the role of such films cannot be undermined on the society, and internationally, although many government regulations have been directed towards it. Therefore, producers of the same should be keen as horror genres, and its subgenres is one of the best entertainment choices in the world.




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