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Drug Epidemic Essay


The drug epidemics are the crises in the United States where people are using excessive prescribe and non-prescribe drugs. The practice of overdose started in the years of nineteen ninety and is still operating in the different parts of America. Those drugs that imply for the purpose of painkiller like oxycodone, which is very strong in relieving the pain is excessively imply in the states of Maine and New Hampshire. The availability of overdose drugs has made it popular both by medical interventions and through the recreational drugs. The worse effects on the parts of the body and on the brain lead to the smoothness of breathing and subsequently causes respiratory depression. It may also cause by death through the failure of respiratory functions. There are the number of intervention and prevention programs adopted by the state machinery in order to eliminate the rising problem of drug abuse.


The state can imply the number of methodologies to decrease the death rates, which are primarily influenced by the factor of overuse drugs. The United States has seen around 6400000 deaths with the overdose users, which are more than the death causalities done in Afghanistan and the Iraq war. The problem is not simple and it requires the attention of the presidency along with the effective policy on the drugs control. From the years of 1999 to 2008 the sale, use and the admission of those individuals with opioid pains are significantly increase. By the years of 2015, the ratio of overdose deaths with one substance of heroin has crossed the deaths that are due to the accidents and the guns. Hence, the leading cause of the deaths of Americans are the drug overdose. The average death ratio of these people are under 50 and two third of them are caused by the opioids.

In the same way, the year of 2030 around 200 people in Maine have lost their lives due to overdose. Similarly, 2016 was also worst year for the Mainers wherein they lost 400 citizens. The loss of the lives was more than one loss of the individual life per day (Achilefu, 2017). The situation of western Virginia is more alarming with death increased from 600 to 900. The founders of the Maine works that is the agency operates for the help of those addicts to struggle for rehabilitation also finds the steady works. The organization of the Maine works is consistently helping overdose individuals. According to the founder of the Maine works, the purpose of helping people is not just to give them some job or to provide them certain food it is actually let them know what is the purpose of life.

The founder of the organization retrieves that the opposite of overdose and addiction is the association of one with the society and the feeling of connection. The daily routine and the rituals of any company must include its daily start by the gathering of the employees and ensure them to everyone that they assign their jobs on time. Standing with each other they can see and realize that individual is not alone. They will ultimately realize that they have bigger and greater tasks than themselves. In the state of Maine, the highest rise in the drug abuser is a serious condition for the authorities. Multiple programs and the awareness continues to address the increasing number of addicts in Maine.

The problem of overdose individuals is not limited to the state of Maine but it is the national crisis and requires immediate actions to prevent it from further expansion. In the new Hampshire, the rates of death by drugs are continuing to rise. The ratio of increase is slower than that of Maine (Kostygina, 2016). A report by the office of chief medical examiner suggests that necessary step must be there to counter the rising rates of death by the excessive use of drugs. The report further explains that 500 people died in 2016 with the comparison of decrease death in 2015. The slow speed of increase is going on with the advent of the crises in 2012, where 200 people died. The years between the 2015 and 2014 have seen the biggest loss of human lives in the Hampshire. The secretary of the health has announced increase grants for the ten medical centers of the new Hampshire to combat the problem of substance abuse and treatment of health services.

Most of the reported death are due to the combination of certain drugs by the individuals’ along with heroin. The heroin alone lead to the death of three persons. Around 400 loss of the lives was due to the use of fentanyl. The legislators especially those belonging to the Democrats are criticizing the commission on combating drug addicts for not outlining the proper and effective strategy to eliminate the problem of increase deaths. One of the representatives from the New Hampshire is hopeful about the recovery and finding of the long-term solutions against the crises of drugs and opioid (Rudd, 2016). Research for the New Hampshire has revealed that fentanyl users are increasing along with death. The data was collected through the interviews and from the first responders of opioid users.

The national institute of the drug abuse has also alarmed the citizens of the Hampshire to stay away from the use of opioid. In the same way, the spread of the drugs in the Manchester also increase the drug users. The healthcare and the emergency responders have to use high amount in treating and dealing with the patients of drug users. The director of the national institute of drugs control had revealed that he was surprised by reading the research that most people do not care about the overdosing. They must think of their health. He alarmed that seeking for the dealers of the drugs is destructive for all the citizens living in the state of the Hampshire. The thoughts of the director are further explained and supported by the idea that new kind of drug, which is stronger than the fentanyl emerge out and people are consistently using the said drug. The difference between the carfentanil drug and the fentanyl is like the difference between lives and the death.

The study reveals that those individuals using the fentanyl are first started their drugs by the prescription form the physician. However, some take the drug for the purpose of recreation. People complain about the drugs and argue that while having opioid therapy they are spurred by prescription to seek more drugs which makes their behavior habitual. Similarly, the state of the new Hampshire has the lesser rate of spending on the prevention of substance. It does not provide facilities and the resources to the patient of opioid, which certainly harms the recovery of the individual (Soelberg, 2017). Harm to the prevention and rehabilitation of drug users provides the way for the local populace to initiate private steps for the saving of humans residing in the new Hampshire.

The department of the fire in Manchester has started a programme named as the safe station. The basic purpose of the programme is to rehabilitate those individuals that have destructed their life via the use of excessive drugs. For the intervention and the treatment, the department is offering twenty-four-hour services to the patients and those who need help. The programme started by the fire department has unexpectedly helped the patient and expanded its services to the other hospitals for support to the psychological needy person. Similarly, the department has the different policy for those who are enough to get treatment from other centers. They were sent to the serenity centers after the thorough examination. The center is the behavioral health treatment agency and receives those individuals having no serious mental or health issue.

The data and the research on the drug users in the two states Maine and the Hampshire reveal that drug addiction is not an ordinary problem but it encompasses as a national crisis of the United States. Other than US opioids like heroin, morphine and the prescription of those drugs for the pain relievers is a serious problem (Volkow, 2015). It is increasingly affecting the social economic and health of the globalized world. The opioid abuse severely harms the mental and the behavioral aspect of the individual body. Attachment to the effects of the particular protein, which harm the spinal cord, cells inside the nerves and the gastrointestinal tract. The United States government is describing the dilemma of the overdose as the very serious national issue.

The strategy of the National Institute of the Drugs Abuse is comprised of the three approaches that best define the issue and its solution. The first one approach encircles that patients must have the understanding and appropriate management of the pain. The primary move comes from the pain, which a person is feeling. The research and the funding by NIDA to change the approach towards relieving of the individual’s pain and use those drugs that must not harm the body of the patient. The research identified certain new pain relievers that are tolerance, the risk of dependence, other delivery system and the formulation of fewer abuse drugs. Researchers are also trying to introduce the non-opioid medicine and drugs for the prevention of excessive pain. The hospital and the healthcare staff is also implying non-medication strategies like that of neurofeedback. The patent will get regulate certain parts of the brain by acquiring feedback from the images of the real brain.

The US state is trying to prevent overdose death by applying effective means like the use of the antidote naloxone, and more recently, the healthcare sector is introducing the naloxone nasal spray. The new medication will effectively counter any influence of the overdose on the body of the person. Similarly, the new hand auto-injector is applied to reduce the opioid overdose, it is meant for the family, and responsible person who will give it to the patient (Volkow, 2014). The NIDA a government agency tackling with the overdose problems along with other health-related issues is applying effective intervention tools, which changes the brain condition. The innovation of the buprenorphine in the intervention of addiction is the wonderful contribution by the state department of health. In the same way, the prescription drugs are safe if apply and use properly. There is need of focused research in order to interpret the communication strategies between the public and practitioners. Education is one of the important tools to curb the abuse of drugs. It will help the people in understanding prevention and intervention practices along with the action, which can reduce and eliminate the need of overdoes.


To conclude the discussion on drug abuse it is to say that, the challenges of the prescribed drugs in the United States is consistently underlying the attention of policymakers to resolve the matter with the cooperation of overdose community. Increase number of people are dying and there is strict need of implementation of drugs policy along with the awareness through rigorous educational tools. The states of Maine and the New Hampshire will continuously hamper by the drug abusers if the authorities have not concentrated on the national crises of drugs epidemics.


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