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Dr. Hernandez and Darling Case Studies

Dr. Hernandez was the citizen of Columbia and moved from the violent years of drug associations. He moved in 1978. He afterwards gained the citizenship with the help of the Preston University and his parents. Similarly Darling had also a similar case. She left Zimbabwe when the conditions of the country were miserable and not fruitful for living a productive life.

She was about to leave the United States, but later on, she was advised to stay and request citizenship as her own country was not good for living conditions. The main aim of the paper is to compare and contrast both individuals’ stories and to discuss the similarities as well as differences, which could help connect both stories.

Both Darling and Dr. Hernandez were outsiders, and they gained their nationality after a long period of time. In Columbia, there was no future for the children, which is why Dr. Hernandez and his parents moved to the United States of America. Similarly, Darling and their family were also facing hunger, death, lack of food, and uncertainty of living a proper life; that’s why they moved to the USA.

Dr. Hernandez pursued his career in the field of medicine, and he successfully became a heart surgeon. In contrast, Darling was able to happily become just an American citizen while pursuing her career in education. Dr. Hernandez had a beautiful and successful life, and he was able to become a torch for the people who don’t believe in education and goodwill gestures. The same could be counted for Darling as she is one of the best to help herself and her family survive in the United States.

In a nutshell, it can be explained that both stories are completely elated to each other and immigration have a significant influence on their lives. Both have lives full of deficiencies but every problem is resolved by the help of the immigration and getting the citizenship of United States of America.



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