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Education is the key to success, of a country. People choose courses based on their areas of interest and goals they want to achieve in life. The business course equips a person with necessary skills to become entrepreneurs or managers in future. Universities offer various degrees, masters, and Ph.D.’s for multiple classes. Students, before taking a course, they should investigate thus understanding the discipline basics. To enroll for any course in a university, a person must have money for tuition, but if they lack finances, it becomes difficult to secure a sit-in university.

Business management is a good discipline of study as it equips a student with skills to become managers in future. A manager is in charge of a company or organization daily operations. Manager’s plan, coordinate, direct and controls an organization. A degree in business administration helps a person to conduct business all over the continent. Business management course covers units like accounting, marketing, economics and human resource management. Manager’s job is complicated; proper skills ease challenges the manager’s experiences every day. Through business management discipline it becomes simple to communicate with directors and shareholders during meetings. A manager sometimes knows to speak many languages like Chinese, English, German and Spanish. Familiarity with different languages helps to understand speech and communicate, in attending international business meetings. Managers attend meeting in various countries to represent a company, create a network and gain new ideas. Managers get high salaries and other benefits like housing. Business management career helps a person to create a good legacy.

Mr. Patin is interviewed, he holds a senior position, as Chief Executive Officer, in one of the most successful manufacturing companies in the United States of America. Mr. Patin has worked for the company for over seven years. This paper shows Mr. Patin background, career path, responsibilities and role as Chief Executive Officer also research and interview thoughts.

Interview Report

Background and Career Path

Mr. Patin is Indian with the ability to speak Chinese, English, Portuguese and German languages. He emigrated with his mother at the age five years from India to America. His mother dies when Putin is at the age of 18 as result of brain cancer. Being of different ethnic community life is difficult due to racial discrimination. Patin has challenges to obtain education due lack of enough money thus taking part-time jobs at Kenbest company, Boston. Patin first earns a diploma in business management, which is cheap compared to a degree in business management (Adekola, Abel & Bruno, 2016). It takes five years for Patin to save and obtain a diploma. Receiving an honor for Mr. Patin is not enough, he looks for job with his diploma certificate to enable him to get a degree. Education, according to Mr. Patin transforms the world, pursuing higher education equips a person with extra knowledge to solve daily challenges in the country economy. People with Ph.D. earn more compared to those with a diploma or a certificate in their disciplines. Parents and society say the only way a person can bring change is through education, acts as a weapon to fight poverty. A boost in countries economy comes when people are educated; they come up with new ideas establishing a viable business. A stable economy status, people, get high income from business and employees are paid better salaries to cater for their daily needs. Sponsorship programs should be established to ensure the less privileged and bright students, obtain an education.

Mr. Patin business has a good future, as his bread has unique taste and size, he knows this through researching about competitors’ products, customer’s feedback and studying market trends. Before Mr. Patin starts his company, he gained a lot of experience from working in different companies, in his interest field. Mr. Patin obtains his bachelor’s degree in business management and later pursues a degree in food engineering, in Laura University. He starts to work as a supervisor in bread manufacturing process and after pursuing a master’s degree gets transferred to another company branch taking the role of a production manager. Mr. Patin is also selected as a company director. To pursue a master’s degree help someone to climb up the ladder very fast. After pursuing a master’s degree, he resigns after two years, starting his own bread making company, securing a position as Chief Executive Officer. To start a company requires essential skills in the field of specialization and courage. An executive officer of a bread making industry involves expertise in accounting, human resource management, technology, bread making and excellent communication skills.

Mr. Patin bread manufacturing company has been operating for about seven years. When he starts the company, he has a small fund. Therefore, he presents his business proposal to shark tank to acquire funds for his business. Mr. Patin extends his working hours to ensure work pilling in his desk is seen to completion. Designing business plans require excellent writing, making investors interested in his business. Mr. Patin years of effort is reflected in today’s sales record and company expansion. It is costly to run a company, and require the right decision maker to make changes, to reduce the cost of production. Both management and engineering skills contribute to the success of the company. It is crucial to obtain a master’s degree in every area of discipline.

Role and Responsibilities

Mr. Patin needs to negotiate with customers, directors, and shareholders to become relevant. Communicating with workers reduce incidences of strikes which pull down a company. He should set aside money to buy necessary equipment for the production process. He should also make a schedule allocating each employee a task for a specific time duration. Mr. Patin is responsible for proving solutions when problems arise. He is to give reports to directors and shareholders in a meeting. Mr. Patin should come up with new products and ideas to improve bread production process. The manager should always look for ways to cut down the cost of production, thus reducing the retail price. Proper company management benefits investors like shareholders as they get good dividends. A fall in the price of bread increases the sales for Mr. Patin Company. (Adekola, Abel & Bruno, 2016)

Mr. Patin represents the company in therefore disclosing aims and target of the company shortly. Directors demand frequent reports on finances, employees, and production of the company. Directors regularly do a check on management to make sure they remain active in their roles. Information gathered from international meetings, Mr. Patin to share with employees so that they improve performance. Information sharing builds trust between managers and employees. Managers should supervise the employee’s thus discouraging laziness and to help employees solve complicated tasks. Mr. Patin should always read a business newspaper and watch business segments programs on television to learn about his competitors. The business journal gives ideas on how to improve the performance of a company. Manager’s interviews hire and suck an employee or give them transfer to another company branch. Managers discipline workers, in case of misconduct. Managers are leaders of a company, therefore should act as role models to junior employees.

Communication Skills

Mr. Patin holds urgent, monthly and quarterly meetings every year, where he is expected to write a speech for his audience. He says that speeches are challenging to write as they require to be clear and precise. A statement should be short to avoid boredom and to remain relevant to the topic. Mr. Patin believes in open door policy where employees communicate freely with managers. Open door policy gives the employee an opportunity to talk their grievances (Penrod & Katherine et al., 2017). Mr. Patin believes in drafting employees review often, giving them feedback. Performing employees need to be given a promotion or get a reward. Everyday customers and suppliers send emails to Mr. Patin which require his to write a response. Directors and shareholders expect a regular report about the finances, which Mr. Patin has to read first before bringing them to the table.


Mr. Patin is hardworking and talented as he quits his job as production manager to start his own company. Despite the hardships a person goes through, they should fight on like Mr. Patin. To start a business is difficult especially if you lack adequate funds. Students should obtain master’s degree in their area of discipline. To gain customers loyalty is difficult, at first, your product has to satisfy their needs. Education helps people to become entrepreneurs thus giving employment opportunities to many civilians. To get to the top, a person starts at a humble beginning. To become a manager you have to be courageous to tackle the daily challenge in a company. Business management discipline makes students become good managers in future. When employed, a person should watch and learn about proceedings in a company, helps to become entrepreneurs in future. Patience is vital as it has helped Mr.Patin to become a successful businessman. Students who are in the business management discipline, stand a chance to become prominent if they follow Mr. Patin footsteps.

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