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Digestion System Essay


Digestion system is a group of organs which work together to make sure that food is converted to energy and nutrients which are needed by the body (Lincoln, 2011). According to Lincoln (2011), digestion of food starts from the mouth where starch is digested and its process of digestion end at the small intestine.  The food pass through alimentary canal or which is made of pharynx, cavity, esophagus, small intestine, stomach and the large intestine until it reaches the excretion stage. Through the process over the digestive tract food get mixed up with enzymes and acid which facilitates digestion. Therefore, this paper discusses why it is necessary to have both a circular and longitudinal layer of muscle in the musclularis layer, causes of stomach growling and how digestion is affected in patients whose gallbladder are removed.

Research has indicated that food cannot move its own without necessary support and therefore, the purpose of longitudinal and circular layer of the digestion system is to facilitate the movement of food throughout the digestion system. As stated by Soonawalla (2014), longitudinal layer is the layer of nerves which causes the peristalsis. The peristalsis allows the food to mix with enzymes and other acid which are required for digestion of food. It is therefore, evidence that without longitudinal layer food cannot mix with enzymes and therefore, digestion cannot occur. The circular layer also facilitates the movement of food throughout the gastrointestinal tract. It allows the food to mix as its move through the tract. The longitudinal layer brings in the muscular and therefore, increases the muscle mass and also makes the contraction of circular muscle to be efficient, therefore, it makes the digestion to be efficient and faster  (Morgan & Claypool Life Sciences., 2011).

However, the stomach growling is usually occurred during the process of digestion. It takes place along the digestion track and mostly in the intestine.  According to Lincoln (2011), the growling of stomach occurs as a result of movement of juice, water, food and digestive juice through the intestine. Growling is a sound like bubbling which normal produced by the stomach and it occurred as a result of movement of food. Research has also indicated that constant growling can mean hunger and therefore, it is a sign that the stomach needs food. In some cases, growling sound can be a sign of a serious condition which might need medical attention (Lincoln, 2011). It is usually known as stomach rumbling and it does require serious medication.  Nevertheless, growling of stomach usually occurs when the food is movement through the gastrointestinal tract, which is normal to most people.

Gallbladder is an essential organ and it plays a vital role in the digestion system. The gallbladder is located next to the liver and it produces the bile which is needed for the digestion of fatty food which occurs in the duodenum of the small intestine. Therefore, without gallbladder fatty food would not be able to be digested (Soonawalla, 2014). A person whose gallbladder is removed would not be able to eat fatty food since the system cannot digest fatty food. However, the digestion system shall be slower and weak since the bile which facilitate the digestion is removed. The fatty digestion will be impaired and this can facilitate the development of other health complication such as diabetes and high blood pressure in the body.

In conclusion, digestion system vital for the body because it makes sure that the food and properly processed and nutrients absorbed by the body. The process starts from the mouth where starch is converted to glucose and it ends in the large intestine. Therefore, every organ which facilitates digestion plays an important role for digestion to take place.


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