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Diabetes Disparities and Preventions

Although access to better health is everyone’s right, some segments of the population struggle to get their basic rights. Their well-being is at stake due to their economic situation or ethnic affiliations. Whether it is a chronic disease or infection, some people are affected more than others, but they do not get proper attention and care for the disease. In the case of diabetes, minority groups are most of the time affected constituting 25 percent of all adult diabetic patients in the United States. Diabetes type 2 affects minority groups and they are susceptible to developing the disease in their lives. The minority groups include African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, American Indians, Native Hawaiians, and Asian Americans. Additionally, they are more likely to develop complications associated with diabetes such as amputation, heart attack, and kidney failure. Minority groups are affected by diabetes because of poor living conditions and poor living styles. However, some groups of minorities are more vulnerable compared to other minorities. For instance, Puerto Ricans are twice as likely to get type two diabetes, T2D, compared to African Americans and Mexicans. Similarly, diabetes is the fifth leading cause of death for Asian Americans and Indian Americans are 3.5 times higher at risk of kidney failure compared to other Americans. Moreover, lack of proper care and services exacerbate the problem leading to lifelong complications of limb amputations, stroke, and kidney failure. They have lesser means to get timely checkups and diagnoses for the disease, which also disable them to take action to control the disease. Moreover, the insurance does not cover those groups to help improve their diabetic conditions. According to the data 22.8 percent of African Americans, and 35.75 percent of Hispanics are uninsured compared to 12.6 percent of white Americans. Moreover, financial constraints and emotional stress contribute to worsening the condition. The lack of financial security and easy access to the healthcare system results in disparities and dual standards of care for people with lesser means.

Therefore, proper use of available resources such as schools and healthcare units and technology might help people in getting timely help. Technology can help people get proper information and assistance to diagnose their condition. People can use online databases to get information about diabetes or to get assistance if they feel they suspect diabetes. Online websites such as and by the American Diabetes Association can provide necessary and accurate information and assistance to their clients or professionals. The websites also connect the patients to their local healthcare units to confirm their condition using proper testing. They can guide the individual through programs. The American Diabetes Association helps the professional as well as clients in gaining a proper understanding of the condition.

Similarly, educational institutes and healthcare units can be utilized to get maximum benefits such as information and assistance. The schools can educate the parents and children about the condition and care and the health care units can train the parents and community members to live a healthy life within limited means. Educational programs to inform people about the symptoms can complications might alert them and assist them in recognizing the condition and seeking professional help. Similarly, the training programs can assist people, who already have the condition, in controlling it using proper medication, diet, and physical activity. Additionally, awareness about the condition will alert parents to properly nourish their children and seek help when needed. They will know that it cannot be cured but controlled so they will be encouraged to be indulged in healthy habits living within their economic limits. The healthcare units can also help the patients in getting proper care. Therefore, all the resources must be utilized to prevent and control diabetes.



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