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The article described in his American Midge family madness book is DECT, that Americans are very lucky for themselves as a “family” that many interesting things that they make such a situation are difficult to discuss what it meant to give up. Declaration of the main claim, through marriage and children who traditionally, ours, we will fulfill the intended purpose, our life is literally in the future (449). He explains that we cannot feel Mother Nature, and if so, we will tackle all the problems (445). If we do not live alone, and if we are not part of the traditional family unit, we will repeat problems (449). Finally, it draws attention to the fact that our ancestors should not re-connect the old lessons they know about time limits (449). The reasons for the checker are some of the reasons for the discussion, and their demands. In addition, it did not talk to other audiences, so I cannot recommend its composition.

The only power cutter that is introduced into an experiment is the background information on its own. An important fact is mentioned before the experiments begin. Readers will show that life is longer than a global family duty. He is a writer, social criticism. and it is important that the Heritage Foundation know that they are a substitute, and it puts the argument on these things. It is considered honorable because it deals with strong character, family, free enterprise, limited government, traditional American values ​​and many Americans.

The biggest complaint about how life in the decathlon can survive – just married and “generations move in winter” with a full understanding of our lives that can be too restrictive. This does not include the possibility that people can live one life. It also does not apply to other situations that create one life, for example, death of a spouse or divorced. You may not want to get married again after losing her husband from death, and it is for divorce people, especially if she is insulting in marriage.

One of the highlights of the Dect state is our very physical constitution, because nature cannot remember the main goals to have a family (445, 446). If we try to change the natural order, develop the problems (445-446). Many people agree to the justification, since it is the creation of a small component missing or out of the condition of a result of a chain reaction in favor of the fact that there are many other problems in the field of scientific evidence. We can remember the fact that we can face this problem when we look at cold and make this small problem, unless our occupation fulfills the natural order. He asks the question of whether people live alone on a natural plane. If individuals, they know that they do not want a marriage, for any reason, they should not have difficulties, because they succeed, and if they are forced to marry, as well as their spouses to be unhappy. Although most people are still married and are interested in traditionally raised their family, so if you live in a small proportion of the people alone or want to be married, no children, there is no threat of extinction of mankind, because he is afraid. 445).

Decter notes that problems with people continue when they prefer to live to focus on the “I” (446). Most people do not agree to focus on them that are not only a specific and desirable element, and there can be problems, because no one likes to be an egocentric person. This means people, selfish singles for them to be part of the family, as everyone gets married and who does not have an exception with the idea that the family needs to be, and if they do not complete to life (449). He does not believe that individuals can be calm, satisfying and happy. Its tone is light, but it is serious, but when it comes to an end, its voice changes when it turns to be a “true” husband and wife and recognizes men. (449). At that moment, that attitude was very narrow, and I would like to believe that, if there were individuals in my audience, they would be broken.

Finally, we welcomed our feelings of emotion and passion, describing the times of our ancestors and the old lessons to study life boundaries (449). Our day and day are when life limits are growing compared to our ancestors. We have the comfort, the choice we can do, and the health you need, to make a donation, but this does not apply to whether we are married or not. The recluse believes that we are engaged in the fact that we are grateful for our ease and that our dignity is lost and too many choices (447, 449). It’s like deciding what to spend today for marriage (445), but does not want to marry, as the most important option we can do. Most people agreed that this is a very important option for your marriage.

But what they do not agree is the only option. We believe we should be grateful and again to appreciate the wisdom of our predecessors (449). Due to our place and our other elections, many young people say they are “living in a very natural world” (445) and that they create a dangerous permanent, for example “voluntary individual freedom” (446). That is why unmarried people should always make therapy, do drugs, swim in their bodies, enjoy false motivation and emotions (446). Most people do not agree to be one of these problems. People may be self-esteem, but these people can also be married. In fact, most people need to care without lack of relationships, but due to problems with a marriage or not. Today’s problems are complicated, and there is no answer.

As a result, I think Deter gives good marks in his article without being too narrow. The purpose was to end the traditional family, as the whole one was afraid to be able to escape from it. He understands the relevance and seriousness of the question. However, if one noticed that most people are still being attracted to the traditional family life, they can see one person as a lesser threat. As mentioned earlier, the problems of modern society are more complex than they accept. Today, most people have direct problems, especially young people due to negative family problems. Therefore, if more efforts can be made to support family or family, then our society can work at a healthier level, which could make my life completely.


Hamill, Peter. “Confessions of a Heterosexual.” Esquire, August 1990. Rpt. The Aims of Argument: A Rhetoric and Reader. Eds. Timothy W.Crusius and Carolyn E. Channell. 3rd ed. Mountain View, Ca: Mayfield, 2000. 505-508.



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