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Decision Making Essay

Decision-making is a unique process that is done differently according to the nature of different people. The way people do decision-making is determined by the bias people use. There are different kinds of bias but the one am interested in is the confirmation bias. I use this bias to make all my judgments because I think it carries more weight compared to other ways of making decisions. According to life experiences, making a decision under the influence of confirmation bias yields better fruits.

Confirmation bias has greatly affected my way of decision-making in the past. It has done this from both negative and positive perspectives. Looking at the merits, of using this method, I usually had to do research on a certain occurrence and interpret it before making any move. It made me make very good decisions which would bring up positive feedback. In case the research does not give real information, I preferred ignoring it since in my point of view it was vague and wrong. On the other hand, there were some negatives about the method. Some decisions need firsthand information, not secondary sources research. There are also some decisions that should be made according to the current environment not research from about decades ago. In such situations, the results from the decision-making were poor as expected.

From experience, the confirmation bias way of making decisions should be used together with other methods. If a person incorporates other reasoning skills like making decisions according to the current environment and from firsthand information, then the decision that can be made can give better results than when the confirmation bias is used alone.

In conclusion, confirmation bias is one of the best ways of making decisions. Due to some limitations, it should be combined with other ways and variables to strengthen the decision-making process.



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