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David Ropeik Critical Review

In this article David Ropeik explained that there are many strategies being considered and implemented by the society for the elimination of the individual’s perilous behavior which is mostly responsible for causing disturbance in the entire community. It could be understand in a way that the society use to pass laws or a set of rules for controlling the behaviors which are seemed to be risky for a normal and peaceful flow of the regular activities. The examples of such measures are outnumbered including banning of drunk driving, no smoking in public places, no leaving of home while suffrage from severe illness (Ropeik). The author have supported this assumption in his paper and shown the readers a clear output of unfollowing of the rules.

The higher costs that the society use to pay off on parent’s failure to vaccinate. The unwilling and failing of parents for vaccinating their children also resulted in building and resurfacing of the severe vaccine-preventable diseases. Some examples of the countries where measles outbreaks is a big problem, vaccination was not preferred at all. France was recorded in the world health organization’s documents as with 7,000 plus cases of measles infection. Turkey, Spain, Macedonia, Serbia, Germany, Belgium and Romania were also considered as highly infected countries in regards to measles (Arciuolo). England and Wales were recorded with only 334 cases in the year 2011 as compared to 33 cases in 2010. US is also recorded with 56 cases at the same time.

Local bodies had arguments that the number of infected individual is small so the consequences of diseases would be huge with the agonizing of patients. The local health facilities have spent almost $800,000 for the treatment of only seven infected persons while the state is spending more than that for the treatment, quarantine, tract down and completely ending of it. The infected as well as the local communities have also given the awareness about the disease so that it would be treated wisely and as soon as possible.

Irrespective of all the above consequences and repercussions, there are some people who raised an argument that the vaccines are the major cause of autism and other related health problems. On the other side, there are scientific claims which could refute these arguments and claims. These kind of discussions on the national scale helped in giving awareness to the individuals. Also they are used for the affluent communities like Marin County, Sandiego, Colombia to prevent the disease by vaccinations rather than to treat them (Stevens). Individuals faces worst and horrible deaths as well as sickness after the exposure of the communities where the infectious illness is predominant.

According to my understanding and after analyzing the paper, I don’t agree with the author of restricting the infected individuals to restrict them in their houses. This measure is not essential or required for preventing the disease by spreading. The problem will get worst with these conditions as people will not come forward for the treatment and will only be known by the officials in worst conditions. There should be new way to start the awareness programs as they are the only source for the elimination of the disease. People should know that the vaccination is cheaper way to eliminate the disease and will save hundreds of thousands of dollars of the government. Vaccines are successful in eliminating or ending diseases and the best example is polio. It is almost ended in all over the worst except in a few areas. The doctors and physicians should also work for giving lessons to the people who prevent vaccines. The number of deaths will be decreased by these programs as well as these strategies would help in preventing other diseases as well.

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