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David and Goliath Chapters Six and Seven Discussion Board

Quote: “If you get in my way, I’ll run smack dab over you” (Gladwell p.90)

It is a well-known fact that success only comes to those who keep on moving forward against all odd. In this chapter Wyatt Walker can be seen using unorthodox means to continue his struggle for civil rights movement. During the civil rights movement, Walter emerged to be a quite cunning leader who employed clever tactics to deliver the message of brutality towards African American to the world. He did not let anyone get in his way while struggling for civil rights which urged others to join him in this process and gave them a fighting chance because they had nothing to lose. Initially, everyone tried to stop Walker from using such means because he was challenging the traditional way of peaceful protests, but as the time progressed, more and more people were joining him in the struggle. He even used children and government to portray the message of brutality and gain sympathy of others. Walker become effective by unconventional tactics due to which the civil rights movement has managed to prosper.

Quote: “When people in authority want the rest of us to behave, it matters—first and Foremost—how they behave” (Gladwell p.107)

In chapter 7, Gladwell’s main point is that people in power would act in the same way that they expect their juniors to behave. Leading with actions and performance is more critical than leading just by words. If someone’s actions are not in accordance with their words then after some time their words will begin to lose their value. That is why one should always be cautious with what they are saying and what they are going. An example between the relation of teacher and can be taken in this regard. Students hold great value for their teacher who give them proper knowledge and information. Similarly having a teacher who works hard and exercises his or her influence appropriately is even more valued by their students. Therefore it is necessary to caution with what you are saying and what you are really doing.

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