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Data Privacy Analysis


When you search for privacy in the Google search bar, Google decodes this word into different meanings, such as seclusion, isolation, peace, solitude, and so on. The term privacy is a buzzword; it counts as an abstraction and has a range of meanings depending on the person you are talking to. It has been used by politicians and philosophers as well as in sociology and anthropology. It was dignified and valued by the ancient cultures. Moreover, it was also discussed in Aristotle’s political philosophy when he distinguished the political life vs. the private and domestic life. When Odysseus is asked for a favor from the gods, he chooses to live a private life in the tenth book of the Republic. Why privacy is so important? Why do we want seclusion? Why do we want to hide some things? These are some of the preliminary questions that we will explore and evaluate in this essay.


I referred to Aristotle and Plato as pioneers of the concept of privacy in Western philosophical thought, but things have changed. We live in a world of mass communication and the internet, where the privacy of others is always a constant threat. The concept of privacy has changed and transformed with the passage of time. As far as the issue of online privacy is concerned, the problem has become more relevant than ever as the UK’s Liberal Democrats have voted for the Digital Bill Rights. Hence, one can see the value of privacy in the 21st century. The purpose of Digital Bill Rights is to protect people’s privacy and provide security to their private data. According to this bill, privacy is a fundamental human right that must be respected, and if it is violated, it must be punished. Privacy is about respect for one’s individuality. Internet privacy can be sub-categorized as data privacy; it includes records of personal information; cybercriminals can trade with your personal data, your pictures, your phone numbers, and whatnot. Free online services make money by using our data; cyberbullying, hacking, and theft are common issues on the internet. Human beings are by nature conscious of their privacy; they want privacy for the sake of privacy. Hence, this reason alone is essential to prove its importance in my life.

There are many ways of protecting one’s online privacy and these add-ons are specially designed to help you detect the culprit. Among these add-ons are AdBlock, Ghostery, and Do Not Track Plus. Similarly there are ways to protect your e-mails, your cell-phones and so on. Even the government uses information to track criminals by invading our privacy and the UK’s Digital Bill Rights is honest endeavor towards this governmental practice. Our information consumption highly depends on the secrecy or the transparency. It is very natural if your information is exposed you are broken and you don’t trust online sources no more. In the recent years we have seen scandals ignited when this fundamental human right was violated, it affected many people’s lives for good as its effects are far ranging.



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