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Data Collection Techniques Essay

In every research, there is need to use the best data collection technique in gathering as well as measuring variables. The suitability of the method also makes it possible to answer some questions that might arise in the research process and evaluate the outcomes. Key variables that dictate the technique includes strategy under application, variables as well as the accuracy needed for the research. Ideally, accuracy stands out since users will only bank on information that they can rely on at any given instance. Certain data collection techniques bank on theories. Hence, it is hard to use them for scientific research.

Primary sources of data are the best in any research since it thwarts any likelihood of modifying the outcome. That improves the validity of the study. The selection of interview as the data collection technique is indeed the best choice. Throughout the study, some participants will be interviewed and their opinions recorded either in audio format or printed format (Harrell & Bradley, 2009). The selection of the audio form is also the best since it suffers from minimal modifications. Integrity is such an essential part of data collection. Some research in the contemporary society bank on secondary methods of data collection. Even though it becomes possible to scale the use of such techniques, it is also easy to compromise the findings from such processes. The research will identify key stakeholder and interview them over a period of not more than 30 minutes. The questions for the interview will be direct and should not target the personal lives of the participants. Such an approach will make the participants free to provide comprehensive information.


Harrell, M. C., & Bradley, M. A. (2009). Data collection methods. Semi-structured interviews and focus groups. Rand National Defense Research Inst santa monica ca.



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