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Daddy and Pappa Documentary Analysis

Reflection on Documentary

Daddy and Pappa is considered to be one of the breakthrough documentaries if one talks about the trials and the tribulations that are being faced by the gay parents who the route that they have to take if they want to become a parent. The documentary takes the viewer inside the lives of the four families that comprise of the gay parents. One of the key themes that the documentary seems to explore is that how it talks about the ambiguous place of interracial family politics that one gets to see in America. At the same time, the film raises important questions about the way surrogacy and adoption seems to work in the United States. The other important part that it tends to discuss is the sort of complicated relationship that the married couples who are homosexual have to go through once they decide to become a parent.

Now one of the important things that are needed to be looked at during the course of such documentaries is that how the on location shooting is being discussed across the country. From the technical viewpoint, the documentary is crisp and the editing is top notch to say the least. At the same time, documentary does not act like a promotional outlet of the gay couples adopting a child. Instead what it tends to do is that it paints a very effective picture of the way whole thing regarding gay parents is being exhibited during the course of the documentary. The end message though is the of the positivity that one gets to see during the whole movie. Thus effectively it does a good job when it comes to making sure that they bring into spotlight the new kind of American family. The documentary also provides important information about the sort of charitable activities that gay men are doing and shows the side of these people which is not known to many people.


Farr, D. (2008). Documenting gay men: Identity and performance in reality television and documentary film. The Journal of Popular Culture, 41(4), 720-722.



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