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Customer Satisfaction And Purchase Intention

Expectations of the customer are an important part of every organization to make up their position. Customer satisfaction, in actuality, is the feeling of the customers as they compare a product with any other product concerning the presentation of the product or any other factors present in the presentation. A buying plan is an important part of the lives of customers since they put in the effort, time, and money to buy the product.

In this buying process, the wishes and perceptions of the customers affect the buying process as well. When the wishes and the perceptions of the customers are involved in the buying process, then consumer behaviour is especially affected (Pelau, 2011). Not only this, but many other factors affect consumer behaviour, such as individual, social and literary factors. However, in this case, the distributors have no choice but to manage consumer behaviour since controlling the behaviour of the customers is not possible. To achieve the targeted number of customers, it is necessary that all factors are considered while managing strategies for consumer behaviour (Kotler et al., 2005). Many marketing professionals have given their views about the factors affecting consumer behaviour. A consumer purchase is about understanding the mental level of the customers (Kelley, 1950). From this, it can be figured out that consumer judgment and consumer purchasing behaviour are very important (Puth, Mosert and Ewing 1999, Schiffman and Kank 1991). This is a common observation seen by marketing researchers that purchasers are often conscious while buying different kinds of products. Attitude towards the quality of the product is another factor that affects the behaviour of the purchaser (Spears and Singh, 2004). Purchase intent is directly proportional to the customer satisfaction of the person (Asma Saleem α, Abdul Ghafar σ, Muhammad Ibrahim ρ, Muhammad Yousuf and Naveed Ahmed).

Marketing researchers have defined satisfaction with different meanings roaming around a single word of complementing the views of the consumers1997, p.13), Besides this, one of the marketing researchers believed that when the mental status of the customers is understood, then the outcome of the product is to the excitement level of the customer. The feelings of the consumers in the past and the feedback for the previous products are also considered as well. One of the marketing researchers explained satisfaction as the art of assessment. This art amuses the consumers about what they should buy and what they should consider while buying the products (Anderson and Srinivasan, 2003, p.125). The environment around a person affects the buying behaviour of the customer as well. Consumer business results revolve around satisfaction as the main feature of the marketing business world (Cheung and Lee, 2005). Besides this, Evanschitzky has also suggested that the construction of the business is also based on the satisfaction level of the customers. Recently, the business world has shown operators’ plans to be found to the satisfaction of the customers (Evanschitzky et al., 2004). When the satisfaction level is high, then the company maintains loyal customers even in the long term. The higher the pleasure received by the customers when buying the product, the higher loyalty will be depicted by the customers to the organization (Anderson and Srinivasan 2003). Besides this, positive word of mouth becomes a part of the company’s advertisement (BOMtacherjee 2001). Loyal customers will encourage other friends to utilize their bucks to buy productive products. The participation and performance of the market company will also be high in the business market (Reichheld and Schefter, 2000).

From all this, we can analyze that the concept of customer satisfaction is not a new concept for people on the grounds of the business. The background and the consequences of customer satisfaction have also been highlighted. Other than this, the concept of intention of the customer buying needs to be understood as well. When the intentions of the customer are analyzed, then consumer behaviour can be predicted easily. One of the dimensions of the behavioural problem is the intention to buy (Zeithaml et al., 1996). Intentional behaviour and actual behaviour, in some cases, show similar patterns (Ajzen and Fishbein, 1980). This kind of intentional behaviour is observed especially in the hotel and tourism companies (Ajzen and Fishbein 1980). Many market researchers have documented the changes in the behavioural possibilities of customers (Zeithaml 2000). Buying intentions analyzed by researchers resulted in significant results. Making the visitor buy the products after visiting the home page of the website is the first challenge in the customer buying process. When the intent of the customers is to buy the products, the profit of the company, along with the increase in the economy, is increased as well. Here, the term of variable interest is clear. The better purchases are given to the customers, the more interest the company obtains.



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