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Current Trend or Theme in American Cinema Essay

American cinemas are leading throughout the world. The shift from DVDs, Cable and Television to the internet has drastically changed the cinema both outside and inside the theater. By investing heavily in the making of features and series (via acquisition and production), Netflix dominating the internet streaming business. As drone technology has become more affordable and accessible, from the last years aerial footage has been incorporated more in the final cuts for establishing shots. These aerial devices allow shooting for a shade even at a 4k resolution over the $1000 mark.

For many years, it has been seen that cinematographer’s cut down lightning rigs and retain things soft and simple, and it seems to be a strong contemporary trend. And they used more subdued color in the films (mainly with regards to muted color and desaturation), with the subdued lightning. Dolly/jib setups are more incorporated while making films because they are easy to handle and increased stability as cameras are getting less unwieldy. As new systems and rigs in the market, expect more steadycam and handheld footage going onward will achieve ever more impressive results

Series have developed a new form of cinema

Particularly over the past years, most of the American cinema has been offered in remarkable series watched on laptops and television, like “Game of throne” is one of the leading series not only in America but all over the world. It is popular because of the effects and the theme used by the maker. Several filmmakers will explore using huge format cameras, and depth of the field and the different perspective they offer.

Nowadays the latest televisions are technically superior to theater screens. Though theaters offer unique community and scale, they will require new image technology to keep their audience.




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