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The art exhibition is about humanity and photography illustrations by Rowan James and Todd Williams, showing people standing on the street with a guns stuck in the trouser selling illegal drugs to a person inside a car and walking. Children on a daily basis run away from home and live on the streets and sell drugs to make a living. Parents, society, government, and religion fails to give moral and spiritual guidance to nature kid’s development known as the human failure. Street has a lot of people in the drug business; some are adults while others are children. Drugs like cocaine, morphine, and heroin sales are mostly on the streets in small portions.

Persons selling drugs stay like they are waiting for someone or to catch a bus. Drug dealer’s faces always look scared, and their standing posture shows a lot of uneasiness. From the dealer’s reactions and behavior, it shows they are afraid bad things might happen to them, and they are ashamed of the job they do. People purchasing drug on the streets have fancy cars which show they are rich people. Some people are coming to buy drugs they look scared and afraid that someone is going to spot them in that corner. Drug customer’s health conditions at times seem wrong, and they demand drug substance like they will kill somebody the next minute. Drug sellers make a lot of money in the streets as someone comes to collect the money at the end of the day. Mostly drug sellers were hoods that covering their head and with huge pockets storing drugs. For a big drug order, they carry bags preventing anyone from identifying the package. Drug sellers are always watching for police to avoid being arrested. Drug high sales on the streets show people have many problems, take drugs to feel to escape from reality.


Rowan James

Todd Williams



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