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Culture and its Influence Essay

Culture is a powerful concept that changes with the variation with external as well as an internal factor. Our customs, attitudes, and value with which we are built with are the byproducts of culture. Modernization and globalization concept has paved the way for a culture to flourish and to bring opportunities for people from all different regions to share ideas for the wellbeing of humans. The art impacts the human life and society by the preservation of ideas in a particular time at the specific place. [1] The art is a transformative element with varied ideas from different people of different regions to interact with each other through sound, image or graffiti. The paper will find out the role of culture in human lifestyle through music, architecture and art contribution in preservation and evolution of wellbeing opportunities for humans. The research regarding the influence of art on human health is also included in the paper.

The relationship between art and brain in humans for the aesthetics is important objective before moving on to the impact of the art on the culture and human. Human brain I hardwired to sense the pleasure from scenic landscapes. The portion of the brain magnolia is designed to appreciate beauty. The brain transmits some chemicals dopamine, opiates and cannabinoids that derive pleasure frofm the visual. A piece of art having vivid colors and ecstatic images signal the brain to have the particular emotion of pleasure or annoyance while the objective of the art might take the reader to its cultural, social or religious perspective. Another thing the brain admires the beauty of art because it helped the ancestors of human to look out for the security of lace to hunt or to rest in old times. A perfect place where you feel relaxed or connected to nature is art instinct that evolved with human evolution and modernization.

The formation of the buildings or architecture has evolved through various time from different cultural perspectives. The example of evolutionary art instinct in human is justified through the formation of spandrel in architecture evolved from art pieces of column, and arches in buildings. The spandrel is triangular formations that have no specific objectivity but they are being used in the places like churches and old vintage buildings for highlighting of focal areas in room or structure. [2]

The effect of art on human mind turned out to be positive. According to research, the Newcastle University researchers found that art has a positive influence on the people that reside in the nursing home. [1] The piece of music is an artistic piece that comes with cultural and personal level expression. It has a strong impact on the emotions of humans. When a person hears a particular piece of music, the art instinct derives the right emotion out of the music piece. The music has universal language among all the people and cultures of the world. In another study, music used as therapy for improving the healing in elder individuals. The elders face various challenges as they age, for instance, depression, isolation, and impaired cognitive abilities. The nursing staff utilized music as an intervention for the health of these elders. [3]
With the progress in the entertainment industry, the media industry has also raised up to another level. Form a particular survey, an average human adolescent n America listens to music pieces around four hours per day and then watch the episodes of favorite TV shows for about another 2 hours. The daily life of the people in the modern culture is highlight immersed in the entertainment medium as part of their daily lifestyle adaptation. Talking about the cultural element and effect of the music industry, people in old times were not used to electronic media for entertainment but with the advancement in technology and cultural environment, the role of music has intervened in the lifestyle of people in form of electronic medium. The effect of music surfing and addiction is pronounced. In research, adolescents were studied for dependence on music in American culture. The findings suggested that adolescents use this source of art as the best medium that helps them to self-socialize. They scrutinize the available media of music as per their personality and choice which helps them to build self-socialization. [4]

The mingling of human ideas with pop culture is an advanced example of art’s impact on human life and cultural values. The piece of paintings, sculpture, and graffiti tells a lot about what we are as a society and what we were in old times. Popular culture is an example of everyday life. The artifacts that are used in the pop medium, for instance, performance, imagery, and expression communicate with the people about particular human culture.

The hippie culture is an example of the 1970s. They rejected the mainstream social order and transformed the culture of music concerts into psychedelic music concerts with outrageous clothes, sexual freedom, and environmental awareness in form of raging behavior and drugs. The emergence of such pop culture has shaped the political condition and legislation around the globe for youth. The movement of 1970s pop culture for social awareness and African rights received acknowledgment through cultural redefinition.

The adaptation of baggy tracksuits and baseball caps by the younger people addressed their affiliation of them with the pop-rock genre of music. Similarly, Mexican American actor Pacheco- a special dress from African urban culture as his identity.[5]

Roman architecture is filled with innovation mankind and influential elements. Roman architecture derived ideas from Egyptians and Persians to use concrete girts time as a building material. They were the first person to create a road system that will connect the cities with the capital. Their sense of architecture later evolved and was adapted by French architects to build the arc de triumphed and Vendome palace.

The element of architecture in Rome culture used columns and arches in their masterpieces which descended down into French culture and now in the U.S., the building of Whitehouse has the essence of Roman architecture in it. The structured framework shows the development through columns and arches. The roams architecture flowed into the buildings of American culture such as union station Washington. The baser of Roman architecture was strictly confined to facilitating people of all cities to access every corner of the region. They have built architecture with roads, proper drainage systems, and bridges to cut short the gap for people. Their architecture influenced the whole globe and helped humans with the passage of time. [6]

The influence of art in totality is wide. Art influences people collectively through a venue where people invest in constructive activity. It helps the economy of a region through multicultural visitors and businessmen. Moreover, visual images and arts are good for health. Art exhibitions or operas, for example, help in reducing stress and isolation through social bonding and physical health. Art not only arias at the social well-being level but also helps in the psychological well-being of a person. When a person is connected with some artwork, it serves as an outlet for happiness, and self-recognition on a social level. The indulgence of one in art brings creativity and improved observation skills in them. The participants improve because the work makes them enjoy engaging themselves in creative work. This will help in the generation of cultural capital. {7}

The integration of art with culture and human lifestyle has provided opportunities to the vast majority of people across various cultures of the world. The mediums may change from sculptures to paintings, music to visuals, etc. but the essence is the same to execute the creativity and thought process into artwork. Art is a powerful thing that emerged from ancient times and descended down into the modern world with an influential capacity. Art influence us all and people do project it into different trajectories whether it is architecture, lifestyle, or culture.


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