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Undoubtedly, GM motor was a symbol of American Multinational Corporation. The recession of 2008 had adverse effects on many organizations. Several giants representing different industries ended up in the loss. The GM’s problems were not the same as described by the author “Doug Altner.” A few things that were discussed in the article as cons were pros in reality. There were salient features of GM which made it distinguished from other brands. GM motors protected the rights of employees by all means. Their wages were higher than non-unionized workers who were working at Toyota and Honda plants in the U.S. Considering GM’s level of production and industrial leadership, and they adopted the right policy to pay workers more than the prevailing wage rate. Only by paying more to employees, companies can earn customer’s loyalty. Also, highly skilled and competitive professionals can provide their services, if pay structure is sound and company is taking care of its employees. In this regard, the retirement plan proved to be beneficial for employees after 30 years of services, the payment for pension includes the contribution from the employee as well. Therefore, the company was not over burdened by offering its employees retirement plan after thirty years of service. If an employee has served 30 years in a company, it implies he has served the company wholeheartedly and to say him goodbye with proper pension plan is a great policy.

The expansion of dealer network during the time of growth was a right decision by the company as it’s the sign of related operations that company was carrying out at the time. The company was not juggling too many brands but getting a flavor of different brands to persist few was not a wrong decision at all. The company’s objective was to expand its operations worldwide. Therefore, they adopted these tactics to achieve more growth.



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