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Violent Media is good for Kids by Gerald Jones Analysis

The environment is responsible in shaping the people’s lifestyle and overall living standards. It would not be denied that the children exposed to different environmental issues, they directly takes the influence of it. The main aim of the paper is to critically analyze Gerald Jones’s “Violent Media is good for Kids” and to discuss it completely.

Gerald Jones, in his paper have concluded that the violence don’t always have a negative impact on the children and adolescents. It have a remarkable influence upon the growth patterns and minds of the kids. Children should have unlimited access to this kind of media. Gerald Jones have explained in his paper as he was weaken by the fear and the loneliness in his early life as well as he explained further that he had very less social interaction. His English teacher, mother and society always forced him not to watch the violent media as according to them it is wrong.

Poverty, domestic violence, psychopathology of families, child abuse, community crimes, and a lot of other human disturbing media coverages are included in the media violence (Jones). Since the author have created this paper to explain that children should be exposed to this kind of media and they would have a positive impact but according to me it is better to keep the children innocent in these matters and give them the positive image of the outer wild world so that they would not prepare themselves to be wild for it.

In a nutshell it can be explained that the paper under evaluation is highly misleading and the Gerald Jones had a lack of access to the violent media which caused him to become aggressive to that act. His findings about the children is good that their innocence could make them suffer but isn’t it better to grow all the children in the simple life so that they would not play the evil in their future life and would become good citizens of society.

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