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The website, Very Well Fit, has published over 6,000 pieces of health-related articles over a period of more than twenty years. With the content of more than 100 healthcare professionals published, it can be considered to be a trustworthy source. The article on this link is relatively a recent one, dated December 15, 2020. This seems to be a reliable source as it is written by Shereen Lehman, well-versed in the field of healthcare journalism and fact-checking. The article is peer-reviewed by Barbie Cervoni; a registered dietitian, certified diabetes care and education specialist. The article includes fourteen references of high-quality, peer-reviewed sources. It provides the definition of key terms including nutrition, macro-nutrients, and micro-nutrients. One of the claims that seem a bit too good to be true is that good nutrition can keep one disease-free; although good nutrition is one of the factors of a healthy lifestyle, many other factors can lead to an onset of a disease. The article uses simple language and explains content wherever required for people not acquainted with medical terms. An example of this is related to the function of micronutrients as co-enzymes, the author further explains that this means they augment the chemical reactions within our bodies. The article also explains about antioxidants and phytochemicals. It further informs the readers about the use of dietary supplements in a reliable manner. The article does not seek to sell a product or persuade readers to stick to a particular diet, neither does it warn about the dangers of a specific product. There aren’t any significant red flags, and the evaluated source seems reliable and informative for the general public seeking to learn the basics of nutrition.



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