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Creativity and Poetry essay

Creativity is one of the most prized elements as the world only tends to cares about the wealth that one has amassed. Baldwin writes a memento of some sort and highlights the responsibility that these individuals see when the artists’ role is acclaimed within society. Artists like politicians, educators, legislators, and scientists are all distinct and individual actors in society. The Creative Process tends to look at the way the American artists have something that is more individual in nature than other nation states. I agree with Baldwin because he is careful to point that aloneness is not exactly a nihilistic resignation but is in fact required to cultivate a true identity

Poetry is one noticeable form of expression over the years, and is something that gains more followers every day. Artists such as Jay-Z and DMX are commonly heard as people freestyle to their tracks. There is a particular interest in the style of delivery, lyrics form, and the beats setup. Overtime, as I listened to more such rap and freestyle songs, I realized that the rappers did not have valuable lyrics that were contributing to the understanding we already have of society. My playlist and its size changed over time as it became smaller, with my appreciation that I had for poetry increased. In such cases, I was challenged to be more creative and appealing to men, women, and also have a humorous outlook towards the creative state. As Baldwin describes some primary distinctions of artists, one could not agree more with his viewpoints regarding the matter. One cannot simply drain time and not focus on oneself and its craft; essentially, the thought process ought not to be influenced from outside. The creative process is likely to vary for everyone who wants to share feelings and thoughts about the realizations and struggles that the artist comes to.

Truly, the creative process will vary for everyone whether they are artists or not. It is more of a fight to continue to be an individual and there are different responses when people tend to outcast such artists. Personally, the state of being alone is one that I have experienced very often. Though I am not an artist in many ways, I still prefer to undergo that creative process and I am inspired enough to live in the state of being alone when required. I also tried writing when there was nothing else to support my desires when I was alone and wanted to get things off the chest. The journey that most of us live is out life and we tend to discover it as we go on. I also tend to believe that creativity is a virtue at all times, and one lives in a creativity mode all the time. It is not all the time that Sigmund Freud is required and that I am able to identify who I truly am. However, there is always a requirement to balance the inner self and comply one’s ego to go along with the human need of communication. One can love to express oneself and realize the freedom and truth value that is seen when escaping absolute value.

The actual process of creativity is seen in the case of Diane Bell where she describes the process as one where she creates her own terms. Her process is that mixed with discipline and intuition where it allows her to keep everyday a real one. Throughout this creative process, it is something that comes from the subconscious mind and the structuring of it is part of the conscious mind. Bell also shows that the most challenging part of undergoing this creative process and to succeed is to eventually develop the courage to succeed in it. The beginning of any creative process commences with making sure that artist spends time away from the professional workplace and start reflecting on real humanistic values.

Another famous artist, Matt Ross is also one to relate the creative process and collaboration/leadership tendencies to; it is evidence in his case that filmmaking is a collaborate process, and if anyone were to write the screenplay, the director also has a huge degree of authorship. Individual processes in such artistic director roles require people who are excellent at what they do. The structure also holds relevance and is the frame that holds the entire thing together. In many ways, the structure determines the point of the story. Writing is one of the many arts that tends to have a second-guessing factor to it. There is a great deal of self-doubt during the process. In many ways, there are different motives that inspire different poets, but on the most part, there is a desire to capture the lost memory. Poems tend to have a common style where the beginning gives away the perfect line and meter to the reader, and it eventually grows from there like a seedling sprouts. The way that a muse is used and is considered as part of the creative process is just a metaphor; the process cannot actually be defined and it works in a different manner for all artists.

In the grand scheme of events, Baldwin and the creative process rests on instigation as the seed. It is also because of ‘inspiration tendencies’ that one particular environment of person or genre is chosen to the other. There is always a formula to follow which is open to interpretation.

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