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Covid-19 Vaccine (Advantages and Disadvantages)

Covid-19 vaccine is developed to enhance immunity against coronavirus 2 (SARS‐CoV‐2). Following the pandemic of Covid-19, several health firms have produced vaccines and encountered many obstacles. The necessity of a vaccine for Covid-19 contributed to shorter deadlines that reduced traditional vaccine production timeframes for clinical testing – usually a long-term sequence phase – to protect, check effectiveness and infusion tests that run concurrently for months, possibly jeopardizing safety assurance. The accelerated production and severity of a Covid‐19 vaccination will raise the hazard and failure level for a secure, and effective vaccine. Covid-19 vaccines are composed of genetic material fragments of DNA and RNA and the corpse uses the DNA/RNA instructions to make an immune system able to protect a person when a virus is encountered. Since it allows only a fragment of the virus to be produced, a weak defensive immune response could trigger that could require several shots to be injected (Suresh).

Covid-19 vaccines contains a virus that delivers an antigen virus into the bloodstream that causes the defensive system in the body. However, current levels of vector immunity may reduce the efficacy of the vaccine. In other words, instead of the antigen, the body causes an immune system response to the vectors (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Covid-19 vaccines are attenuated vaccines which contain a weakened virus which stimulates the immune system of the body. However this causes harm to older persons with weak immune systems and raises many safety concerns. And the evidence on the efficacy and protection of vaccines of Covid-19 is promising. To end pandemic, it is necessary to use all the resources available. As scientists learn more about Covid-19 vaccine, researchers will keep updating its guidelines for protecting populations using the most up-to-date research to minimize the spread of Covid-19.

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