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Do not live according to the standards of this world but let God change your ways of thinking. Then he will teach you how to do his will- Romans 12:2, KJV.

I have always tried to figure out the essential characteristics of a good coach and how they impact the coaching relationship (Stoltz us, 2005). I have realized that this is characteristics which we only possess when only God is around us. Becoming a leader can be because one wants to manipulate, have control and have selfish desires. However, leadership based on those reasons cannot last for a long time because the foundation is of the world and our carnal desires. But when our leadership characters are based on biblical values and the will of God, we no longer conform to the ways of this world. This will push us to start serving and loving others as Jesus did. This is because being a great couch must start in your heart. In Christianity, the work of a coach is to help others in making important decisions, which will make God fulfil his will in people’s lives (Stoltz us, 2005). This simply describes how the heart of a coach should be. It makes one know that God is working in an individual through a coach. Therefore Christian coaching is necessary to help pull individuals from where they have been held by life to where God want them to be. This is because it motivates Christians to want to fulfil their destiny. In the article ‘’professional Coaching” the second fact indicates that a good coach is an individual who is in the forefront in helping others make decisions that will create positive changes in their lives. This is in line with what Christian coaches do. They help individuals make proper decisions in life, which help them to unleash a God-given destiny.

The old testaments give a clear understanding of what coaching should be like. For example, in Exodus 18:1-24(KJV) we find Jethro, who was Moses farther in law, serving as both a coach and a mentor. He is believed to have mentored Moses. Also, in the book of Proverbs, we find various insights regarding coaching. This book shows us the need for a coach to have wisdom. It also indicates that the only way a coach can develop wisdom is by listening to other people as they encourage, sharpen and challenge him. Another verse that indicates to us how a couch impacts life on other people is Proverbs 27:17(KJV). It states that since iron sharpens iron so one person should sharpen another (Collins, 2009). Another verse that talks more about coaches is Proverbs 20:5(KJV). It simply meant that effective coaches should be capable of digging to the depth of matters. This will help leaders to be able to have a clear understanding of issues. From these verses, it can be clearly understood that the perspective and wisdom we receive from others helps us to gain maturity and understanding of various issues. The Bible also refers to Jesus as the master couch. This is demonstrated by how he mentored his disciples. A coach should always have good relationships with those he is coaching. However, he should not allow them to make a mistake. He should arise and correct them. Jesus’ life contains a lot of insights and wisdom of a perfect coach (Collins, 2009). He always corrected his disciples wherever they went wrong. Every coach should have an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit to be able to give accurate advice. It also gives the power needed to coach others. I am prayerful, compassionate, loving and intelligent. But sometimes a bit uncomfortable and not much focused.


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