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Computer hacking is the practice of changing and modifying computer software plus hardware in such a way that was beyond the objectives of the original creator. Most of the hackers have an expert level of understanding of computer technology and programming. The hacking culture has its roots in the 60s and 70s, and at that time, hacking some computers meant to perform a wonderful job as it showed a deep understanding of using technology. Computer hacking became prevalent after the 1980s when computer literacy increased. Some of the hacking activities are legal, but the majority of the hacking activities are unethical and unlawful. According to some experts, hacking is a diverse phenomenon. But at this time of age, hacking is totally separate and different from fraud. A fraud involves trying to take advantage of other individuals with a speculative scope but no doubt it is unethical (Margaret, 1990).

There are organizations that are promoting computer hacking as they offer training to the new hackers who want to learn and hack in a very safe and legal environment. People belonging to this community promote computer hacking and information technology skills. They are having a motto that they are teaching computer hacking so that computer hackers can detect security loopholes and notify the site’s webmaster so that the issue can be resolved (Dreamer, 2007).

Due to computer hackers, it has become very risky to connect some computers to the internet and hope that your computer is safe as there are no security systems available to protect your system. One of the essential debates of these decades is on internet legislation about the requirement of government organizations. This debate is on encryption policy where organizations and companies are concerned that they should be allowed to have the protection of their valuable information by encrypting it; whereas the government has a view that in today’s fight against cybercrime they must have the right to control, monitor, and decrypting this encryption and internet traffic (Cyber Laws, n.d).


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