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Compare and Contrast of “Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, and Cross Fit”

The features of powerlifting, bodybuilding, and cross fit are considered as the three important sports facets when it comes to the immense level of energy and power. It is notable to mention that all three considered the similar features of body sports but in reality, there is the existence of some differences. The feature of powerlifting is known as the sport of strength which appears in the form of different attempts to lift the maximal amount of weight. It comprises on the three specific tries to win the challenge of maximum weight lifting. The prospect of bodybuilding can be defined as the specific exercise regime of the individuals to effectively control and sustain the feature of the musculature in the body (Schoenfeld). On the other hand, the concept of cross fit can be defined as the particular fitness plan which incorporates the different necessary elements of different sports and forms of exercise. Here the focus is to discover the features of comparison and contrast referring to the specific aspects of weightlifting, bodybuilding, and the cross fit.

It is necessary to understand that most of the time, the paradigm of weightlifting and bodybuilding may consider as the similar aspect or concept but in reality, both are immensely different. There is the existence of the fundamental guidelines and principles which are utilized in case of the concepts of weightlifting, bodybuilding, and cross fit. It is notable to mention that all these three paradigms of sports come up with the similar form of ideology, but there is difference exist in the form of different forms and procedures. A different facet of strategies is adapted to meet the desired goals and objectives come up with the prospect of powerlifting, bodybuilding, and the phenomenon of cross fit.

The most crucial aspect closely related to all the three features of body fitness is that they require an immense level of hard work and determination. A person who wants to be excel in powerlifting or want to be good in bodybuilding should adopt the necessary attributes of dedication, attention to detail, time, and determination to achieve the desired objectives. The phenomenon of cross fit provides the necessary guidelines to the athletes to successfully and comprehensively achieve what they want from the sports of weightlifting and bodybuilding. It provides the effective form of routines which helps athletes and sportspersons to stick with their particular approach to success. The aspect of cross fit provides the directions to the weightlifter and the bodybuilder about their daily routine about their training by average paradigm.

Training is considered as the necessary paradigm which applies to all the three concepts of weightlifting, bodybuilding, and the cross fit. The overall process of cross fit provides the crucial paradigm of training log with the consideration of the specific amount of training with the concern of features of weight and repetitions of the different exercises. The features of consumption of different energetic meals and the proper form of training for the day is thoroughly explained by the phenomenon of cross fit. It is crucial to mention each athlete adopts the approach of a specific form of calculation about their food intake. Cross fit provides the necessary approach to the paradigms of weightlifting and bodybuilding related to the meal intake referring to the athletes’ optimal performance. Different forms of calories, fats, carbohydrates, and protein are considered as the crucial indicators identified by the prospect of cross fit.

When it comes to concepts of weightlifting and bodybuilding than it is crucial to understand that the aspect of daily training differs in both the cases. Different types of body training create the main difference between the two approaches of weightlifting and bodybuilding. The main focus of the bodybuilder is to entirely concentrate on the structuring of the body muscles concerning to the peak size and the essential form of symmetry. The feature of bodybuilding encourages to focus on all the body muscles individually and equally. It is also crucial to mention that time span of resting period is also different in both the cases of bodybuilding and body lifting. Mostly, resting time record less during the exercise pattern in case of the bodybuilder as compare to power or weightlifter. This particular rule is to apply in case of bodybuilding to ensure that the muscles of the body remain forced with the necessary feature of blood to achieve the optimum feature of muscle building. The prospect of difference between bodybuilding and powerlifting can be differentiated through the particular feature of displaying of the body. The successful feature in case of bodybuilding is a judge in case of particular quality of the muscle and the overall facet of the physique of the bodybuilder. It can be said that the paradigm of bodybuilding concern with the feature of the display of the body and less concern about the overall strength of the body. This particular feature is not applied in case of powerlifting. The approach of powerlifting or weightlifting concerns with the total strength of the body which helps powerlifter to lift immense amount of weight.

It can be the feasible and immensely crucial approach in case of bodybuilding and cross fit it comes with the combine features of processes. Undoubtedly, the prospect of bodybuilding makes an individual strong which can be enhanced and further develop with the adaptability of the multitude of the different techniques of cross fit. It can also provide the necessary directions to the powerlifting with the paradigm of maximizing the strength of the body.

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