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Compare and contrast essay are taught in school since they help the student develop critical thinking skills to approach on a variety of topics in daily life. They are also easy, fun and typically simple to understand. They help the student identify the similarities and difference on different topics of interest and later on help in argumentative essays in refutation of the thesis. The piece is about comparing and contrasting a hot topic of discussion. For the fans of movies, especially, the fantasy supernatural movies, one of the biggest debate is on the rankings between the movie Dracula and the Twilight saga. Vampires, bet everyone has heard of them, are undead creatures said to feed on the blood of the living and possess extraordinary powers, their popularity is fueled and fed by the abundance of books, novels and cinema films about the mythological creature. Dracula is classic vampire movie based on Bram Stoker’s novel. It is a film released in 1993 based on the 1897 Bram’s novel. The book draws the foundation from which other ranges work draw aspirations. Twilight saga, produced from 2008 is a fantasy series of romance based on four novels by Stephanie Meyer. It comprises of five films produced by the Paramount’s MTV films. The two pieces of work are remarkably relatable, and if I guess like me, you will notice extreme similarities and differences between the two vampire movies.legenery of vampirism has emerged in galore within the fantasy world and popular in media shows. The representation of the creature has taken various routes ranging from the 19th-century depiction of the Dracula to the current version as expressed by the 21th-century movies such as the twilight. Both authors have a different taste, background, and influences. The representation of the creature has taken alternative routes in both social and physical path. The folklore of the beast has come a long way. The essay is going to cover on compare and contrast on the two films under the following thesis

Twilight saga is better off compared to in Dracula


Both are pieces of literature investigative vampire role. They both play the same role of entertainment, thrilling and creating pleasure among the audience. The two pieces use foreshadowing, drama, dialogues and other forms of literary devices to bring out the themes in the story. They both share the themes of love, addiction, betrayal, and repulsion.

On physical appearance, they are both vampire creatures, with great strength, the body as cold as ice, pale skin, incredibly very fast and swift moving at the speed of lightning. They also possess extra human hearing and smell senses. They both fear sunlight and never like walking in the daylight.

They are both immortals. Vampires never age and are hard to kill. Edward is 109 years yet judging from the physical appearance he seems an 18-year-old teenager.

They must both consume blood to survive.


Twilight is a modern play. On the physical appearances, the actors are more humanly and attractive vampires. Edward Cullen, the protagonist in the series, is charming, hot and dangerously irresistible. In sunlight, his body gracefully sparkles in diamond, and his eyes change color and express the ultimate love and affection the beholder possess. On the other hand, Dracula is humanly unattractive. He is an old blood thirst horrifying beast that no one would lay eyes on it twice. The creature had a thick mustache, broad nose, large protruding canine teeth, a scary face and hair as grey as ash. Clad all in black. From head to toe. Dracula has no reflection; he allows himself to be almost invisible. On the other hand Edward shows up in pictures and has a representation.

On character, Edward has a good heart, he is caring charismatic, charming and shows great affection to Bella. He is also protective, and he has control not to lunge at her or to his colleagues at school. in fact, the whole of the Cullen family are vegetarian, they do not feed on human flesh. Contrary, in Dracula, on one occasion, Jonathan cuts himself while shaving the Dracula lunges for his through. He can be viewed as vicious demon

In Dracula, there is this weird thing where the vampire changes into a bats thing. However, this does not happen in twilight

In Dracula, there is this stereotype of sleeping in coffins while in the Twilight, there is no such a thing. In fact, vampires never sleep.

There are werewolves creatures in Twilight. A human who shift into a wolf –like creature especially in full moon or when contrary, there is no version of this in Dracula.


The version of Dracula from that of Twilight is all whole different. This gives the society a view of horror and terror and a pathetic relationship. He glimpses us to see the fearful life he lives, raising hell on earth! The devil is no mood of romance, but only to fulfill his bloodthirsty. The creature is depicted as the epitome of offensive and seductive behavior twilight version, on the other hand, Twilight gives a much brighter view, with an improved relation where Edward cares and cherish for Bella, a human. It draws an inspiring motion He allows the society to experience the romantic and mysterious life he lives. They give different opinions and thoughts for vampirism. I have watched both versions of the movies, and from experience, Dracula is no match for Twilight.



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