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The needs of the community are satisfied with the help of services provided by employees of Public Social services. The necessary steps are taken in order to cater needs of homeless people in Riverside County area. This is a community based company that works to empower and protect vulnerable people. During past two years, the population of this area is dropped by 17 percent (Account, 2015). The services provided by this agency are as follows.


  • Cash Assistance program is provided for the immigrants and for the general relief of people living in this area. A program of cash assistance for refugees is also available by the name of RCA.
  • Nutrition and food assistance is used to offer emergency shelter and food programs for deserving people in this particular area.
  • Healthcare support includes plans for children, minors and special programs.
  • Childcare plan is for the support of children including the ones from CalWORKs families.
  • Assistance for employment service is specially designed in order to make a connection between workforces and to satisfy other employment services.

People served by Riverside County Department of Public Services

People needing temporary assistance in employment or financial matters can use the service of the public service department. They work for the protection of adults as well as children from negligence and abuse. Individuals having low income can obtain coverage of health care under their services. All these services are offered for the population living in the area of River Land County.

Scope and mission of the agency

This public service department carries professionals so that they can collaborate to offer effective and innovative solutions. People working in this company are respectful, collaborative and accountable. Diversity is an essential element that helps in removing individual differences.

The mission of this organization is to the support and dedication for the safety, well-being, and health of individuals.



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