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Communication Climate Essay

40 years of marriage is a symbolic sign of endurance. Most couples at the age get groomed hence conversant with the encounters of life. Past research confirms the theory and different school of thoughts developed to give unequivocal support for the limit. In reality, life has several steps and marriage is a step that requires commitment. Early and young marriages experience lots of ups and downs. Maybe one of the parties was not free and still feels at his young age. The unions in their early twenty’s and thirty’s face a possibility of divorce. The primary reasons are that of money, in-laws, and children who are a blessing. Similarly, the children act as a bond that strengthens the relationship that exists among st the couples.

It is true that a 40 or more year lasting marriage will have some maturity. The parties will conduct responsibly and carefully. The couples have fewer conflicts whose solution is always at hand and can attract some forms of conflict resolution due to flexibility. The escalation of disputes will require un-measurable expertise and hence a level of contact will initiate the talk. The emotional environment and climate many times do not favor conflicts arising. Despite finding a family living for more than forty years intact after marriage, there are still some conflicts that exist among st the couples. Therefore through such hostility, it is easy to solve some problems. It means that their more friendship than at a young age. Most of the couples develop wisdom that guides them on the appropriate way of conflict resolution. The presence of conflict at this stage in life creates a room for more bonding.

The old age requires the individuals to have a matured character that does not give options. The age considers parties with old age problems since it does not segregate any person. Inflation does not create any distance that makes the individuals move away from each other. The movement symbolizes lack of maturity amongst the parties. Eventually, reduced health establishes some form of misunderstanding that will lead to insolvable conflicts. However, the age group that appears under the team has first thought that makes the individuals appear indifferent.

Similarly, some of the couples who have survived for more than forty years must have faced challenges such as cultural behavior which is a total indifference amongst families. The way one community conducts its own business is not similar to that of the other person’s family. It becomes difficult to cope with such situations, but at least a step is always taken mainly with the wise couples. The differences will have a long lasting problem towards the families hence a need to have councilors around who assist in marriage issues.

Sometimes early marriages will have an immature impact both physically and mentally since most people require the older people to initiate them to a successful life after marriage. Sacrifice is needed by the parties, and hence a lot of care is also required for purposes of making a long-lasting marriage relationship. Conflicts that are insignificant should not impose a significant threat to families rather wisdom should be employed to arrive at solutions that will bring a lifetime solution. Third parties involved should be ready to sieve dysfunctional relationship and help in bonding such marriages. Hurt feelings should impose a psychological and one that will inflict mental torture to a young couple. Solutions at hand are best for all lasting marriages.


Lamanna, Mary Ann, Agnes Riedmann, and Susan D. Stewart. Marriages, families, and relationships: Making choices in a diverse society. Cengage Learning, 2014.



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