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College Application for The Art Institute of Atlanta

I am writing this application to express myself and my interest in getting admission to The Art Institute of Atlanta; This Institute has managed to establish its name worldwide and attract candidates all around the world to get admission in their bachelor’s programs. I would like to introduce myself a little. With a sound knowledge of arts and its related subjects, I have always been fond of finding ways that can help me become a better artist in the future. To meet my long-term goal to choose artistry as a career in the future, I need to polish my skills. For that matter, I have set my eyes on this prestigious institute. By getting admission into this institution, I will be able to get the exposure and hands-on experience required to achieve my long-term career objectives. I have been hearing about this University and its success stories for quite a while now. I have worked hard in my school and then in my high school to get a score worthy enough to get admission to this Institute. My passion and determination for the arts are exemplary. The highly qualified professors and the Institute itself can assist me in seeking my target because I have always wanted to become an artist. My interest particularly lies in the field of interior design and graphic designing. The diverse academic courses being offered in this institute are the key reason I want to get into this university and become an art graduate. I always think that a creative environment can push me to get the required skills to work in the business climate in the longer run.

Getting into this institution will open new doors of knowledge for me, and I can learn and get the most out of the competitive ambiance of the Institute. Despite being unfortunate to have a learning disability, I still have enough willpower to get the desired help from my peers and teachers at the Institute and become a professional arts graduate. I know this institute can nurture my passion for arts and designing and then can expose me to multiple organizations that need designers like me. I know I can make my dreams come true if given the opportunity to get into this prestigious Institute where I can work hard for my future endeavors.



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