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Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity


From a very young age, I have been fascinated by life and its mysteries. I have always questioned myself why some people have a regular and planned life while others do not. And, I have come to realize that in life, no matter how much we plan we may never know what our future might be. And yet, there are always those who never plan and live life simply.

I have always lived life passionately and done things for which I feel passionately. My passion for Medicine is one such thing. This passion derives from my love for humanity and for serving it. I believe that the human race neglects itself in its greed for earning more money. This has caused it to suffer at the hands of new diseases being born.

I have spent a significant amount of time, to understand the human body; and how it works. In my quest to arm myself with more knowledge, I have read dozens of books and journals. Reading has given me a deep understanding of the world of medical sciences.

Our body is remarkable, a complex machine with a complex system. The body has some systems, intertwined with each other. Together of these systems create a living organism which cannot be reproduced artificially.

My passion for science is one reason why I am choosing medicine. I enjoy challenging, and rewarding tasks and medicine is one field I would love to challenge myself in. To gain further understanding of medicine, I took part in a work-shadowing activity at a teaching hospital. I acquired know-how of surgery, with an opportunity to observe the doctors.

Besides my first internship, I also managed to get into another placement at a hospital. It was an excellent opportunity in itself. I found the different procedures that take place at various levels in a hospital challenge. My job at my second internship included assistance in administrative work of the office. I would arrange operations room; for upcoming surgeries, on a priority basis and do all the paperwork.

I would like to add here that medicine is not my first love; music is. I am just as passionate about music as I am for medicine, perhaps more so. I love the orchestra and have a collection of different bands. I find peace and tranquillity every time I listen to a symphony orchestra.

Music is the medicine of the breaking heart

Leigh Hunt.

I have pursued my love for music, just as passionately as I have with medicine. In the past few years, I have taken part in all state and the all-region competitions; in music, for which I have brought back awards to prove myself.

I believe that the fields of science and medicine are inter-connected to each other. I have; through my personal experience, found music fulfilling and rewarding. I have seen that in some circumstances music has cured a person’s diseases. I am of the opinion that music creates a sense of tranquillity, within the patient and allow him to relax. The feelings generated help free the mind of any depression.

I believe that my qualities are sufficient for me to become a doctor. I have participated in many programs; including MASH. I am also part of the Future Medical Professionals of America club. Joining this club has helped me understand the medical profession much better and have built interpersonal, team building and communication abilities in me, which are valuable skills for the medical occupation.

I am a confident and determined person and feel at ease when I am around people; especially when I am helping those people. I have great dreams for myself and believe that your prestigious institution can give me a hand in fulfilling my dreams.



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