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Betting has developed into a thriving since the dawn of sports dating back to the roman age of gladiators. As an advertiser of this betting service, I need to ensure that more consumers join the services and continue enjoying the benefits of betting with our company. The internet provides an attractive channel for me to advertise our service. With the advancement of technology, the internet has reached almost all corners of the world offering a large consumer base for our betting services.

Internet access to social media, primarily dominated by the vibrant youth, provides an interactive platform that gives us a significant audience for our advertisement (Klein and Wueller, 2016). Besides the social media search engines such as YouTube and Google offers a platform where the ads run on payments for the service. Customizing on recent searches of individuals on their browsers we can provide a suggestion or run ads on the video feed. For example, by sponsoring our site on Facebook, we can reach various customers who view the ads on their timelines hence reaching many consumers. The target audience is the vibrant youth who regularly use the internet to connect to social media such as Instagram and Facebook. Since betting cuts across all people despite gender and age, we aim for the population at large. However, Muslims consider gambling illegal hence caution should be considered when advertising to them.

According to Knoll, (2016), traditional advertisements ran on TV, radio, and print media took vast space and time unlike advertising on the internet which requires a short and precise ad that usually runs for less than thirty seconds. For this reason, the money spent to produce such videos is small compared to traditional videos while to reach the same audience the service pay is higher. The time between campaigns is not specified since the ads run on the consumers’ timeline based on the subscription by the advertising company


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