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Classification Essay

Write a story where you orient your readers to a place or situation and tell them what they need to know about it and how to act there. You can write it in a comedic way like Orozco does, or you can just write it straight.

The car is running on the main road towards the south of the city likely to deal with an emergency. The driver is an expert in handling the vehicle on a zig-zag track, but harsh driving depicts some severe trouble that the driver is confronted with. After driving about fifteen km, the car stops in front of a massive steel gate with a few persons wearing security uniforms and are much alert to observe the entrance point. You cannot estimate the hustle and bustle at that place in broad lawns, sideways, and parking areas. The order of vehicles along with people has become order less from every possible angle you can imagine.

The hue and cry of the public is sky touching, and relief has vanished from humanity within that premises where you are present now. The place is full of a glimpse of pain, grieves, desperation, and every eye is waiting for a single entity which probably is death. The only belief left here is the arrival of death and the departure of souls, but where nobody knows. The driver quickly opens the car door and lifts a feeble body in his hands that is probably unconscious about the surrounding. With tears in his eyes and body on his hands, he rushes towards the building’s entrance irrespective of seeing around him. His eyes are stuck on the face of that woman in his arms, and tears are shedding from his eyes, and a single word repeats speedily from his lips as mom, mom, mom…

The entrance gate is too broad, but the rush does not allow him to proceed forward, and suddenly he shouts, getaway, I need to go in, move, move,… None is giving ears to his shouting because his shouting pitch and frequency are lost in the noise others are making. But listen carefully; it is no noise at all, these are cries, requests, and entreaties to which nobody listens, and if someone listen, he can do nothing. It looks that humanity is on her knees with all her progress, prosperity, development, and modernity. The crown of pride is kissing the ground with tearful eyes and moaning on lips, but all in vain. The driver, at last, succeeds in making his way towards the main corridor, and people are requesting, in fact, begging from some personals who have wrapped their complete bodies in the white dress, and even their single hair is unseen in that code. The appellants are enormous in numbers, but the white-coded personals are in tiny numbers.

The driver approaches towards corridor, and he nodded him to proceed in the right direction and seek some bed to lay his mother on that. He rushes in a pointed tip and enters a big hall. From one corner to the end of that hall, he runs like a fire catcher, but not a single bed is vacant. Instead, the people are lying down on the ground along the sides of beds, and there is no place on the floor. At last, he lowers his mother at one corner and asks a white-coded person, “Doctor! Please have a single look at my mom; she is critical.” The Doctor takes pity and moves towards her mother at once. “She needs immediate oxygen supply and a ventilator”, murmurs the Doctor.

“I can pay whatever the cost you need; please save my mom”, the driver begged. The Doctor says nothing but points towards a notice a bow his head. The driver looks at the statement, stating, “we are sorry, all ventilators are full due to severe corona patients”. Simultaneously, the driver looks at his mother, who is breathing bitterly. He shouts, mom, mom… but the response in the form of snorting breath is no more. He cries wholeheartedly on the breast of his mother, and mourning becomes sky touching.



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