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Civil rights and its Effects

Civil right movement was started in the Era of reconstruction. Era of reconstruction was basically the reconstruction and revival of European countries which were badly affected due to the destruction of world wars. The movement was conducted in its true spirit in early 1950s and 1960s.Civil rights Movement was initiated by the Afro-Americans of United States of America to gain equal right in every walk of life like equality and freedom of speech that white Americans enjoy.

Blacks were slaves of white people and slave owners treated there slaves inhumanely. Movement was very effective and successive and as a result of civil rights movement slavery is abolished and blacks were granted all the basic rights such as nationality and citizenship ,equal opportunities for employment , right to vote and basic facilities. President of USA at that time was Abraham Lincoln and he was anti-slavery. Credit of abolishing slavery goes to him. The movement began when an Afro -American women refused to give her seat to a white American and she was arrested, as a result protest arose in the country by the African Americans to stop discrimination and segregation on the bases of race and color.It was a freedom struggle by the blacks to gain freedom and equality from the white people. The period of civil right movement is an important time in the history of United States of America. It is also known as American civil right movement.

Civil right movement accomplished its goal of getting equal rights in social, political and economic sphere of life that’s why it has significance in American history. After this successive movement United States of America truly embraced and promote its values of equality, freedom and democracy on the bases of which United States got independence from Great Britain.



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