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Any change introduced into an organization impacts the way in which the staff operates. The impact could be negative at the beginning of the change process due to the challenges which come along with change (Weiss, 2016). It is, therefore, necessary for any organization intending to implement organizational changes to do a thorough analysis of the company to choose the most appropriate change model(s) (Weiss, 2016). The most appropriate change model for the short term change would be the six-box organizational model while that for long-term change would be the congruence model, as far as Sea Treasures Company is concerned.

The Six-Box Organizational Model (Short-term)

This model includes six factors whose comprehensive evaluation would give a clear understanding of the company as a whole (The Marvin Weisbord 6-box model, 2018). This would make the change process less problematic because it will be implemented from an informed point of view. The factors considered in this model include purposes of the business, the organizational structure, relationships, rewards of the process and the available helpful mechanisms (The Marvin Weisbord 6-box model, 2018). In examining purposes, the company would consider the type of business it is in (The Marvin Weisbord 6-box model, 2018). This would give an insight into the customer behavior and trends, making it possible to predict the effectiveness of the proposed change.

A look into the company’s structure would show how the work is divided and who plays the different roles. This would make it easy for the management to assign tasks in the change process. This analysis would enable the company to know the expertise required in different sectors such as management of the website and public relations, enabling it to make appropriate employee recruitment where necessary.

Analysis of relationships would show the mechanisms of conflict management and how people in different sectors of the company coordinate to ensure a smooth flow of operations (The Marvin Weisbord 6-box model, 2018). This would enable the company to see the current shortcomings and therefore make the necessary changes. This would help reduce the currently stiff resistance to change by employees. An analysis into the reward would tell whether it is necessary to implement the change. This analysis would, therefore, look into the benefits of implementing the change, including but not restricted to an appealing increase in the income generated. Study of the help mechanisms available would tell whether the company has enough resources to run the website. This model would, therefore, establish whether or not, the proposed change is necessary.

The Congruence Model (Long-term)

This model does an analysis of both the internal and external environments of the business (Root, 2018). The model takes into consideration four factors which are information processing of the company, its mission statement, production and external influence (Root, 2018). The assessment of the information system of the company would, therefore, show its strengths as well as where it requires improvement. This would enable the company to be ready to deal appropriately with both positive and negative feedback in a way that the interactions on the website would not affect the customer behavior negatively.

An examination of the company’s mission statement in relation to the operations would tell whether or not the company is living up to its vision (Root, 2018). The model would examine the policies of the company to see whether the mission statement is embedded in the company’s culture. This would show the company where to improve for it to capture a good share in the expanded market. A look into the production of the company would be necessary to determine the profitability of the current products (Root, 2018). This would establish whether or not it would be necessary to introduce a new product to boost the returns of the company. The analysis would also show whether the available products require any improvement in quality.

The model would finally examine the external influence on the company’s operations and see how it has been dealing with different market pressures. This would then highlight where the company needs to improve on how it handles different external factors.

Impacts of the Changes on Employees

The process of implementing the proposed changes would lead to the exposure of the sections in the company which has not been efficient in operations. The employees would, therefore, be put on notice, something which could lead to better performance by individual employees due to added pressure. The change would increase the workload of the employees, considering that they would be serving more customers than before.


The managers will have to monitor operations more closely to avoid any mistakes, especially in the company’s communication system. They will also have to work extra hard to efficiently control the increased stock as well as the number of customers, and ensure that customers receive the best services.


The executive will have to work extra hard to provide the facilities required to run the expanded business consistently.


In conclusion, the two models would enable the company to solve its current problems before introducing the changes which would come with extra responsibilities for the employees, managers and executive.


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