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Challenging beliefs Essay

Upbringing plays a vital role in someone’s life as ethics and moral values learned at this stage will influence thoughts and actions throughout life. I was on a trip to hometown with parents to my grandparents; my paternal grandmother was at the doorsteps to welcome us. The English pronunciation that she used to greet us was not accurate, my mother laughed and passed a   judgmental response that left my grandmother offended, and her words forgot to slip out of her mouth. I was stunned by the offensive comments of my mother that turned me red and left me in a state of anger. I love my mother, but I don’t like her behavior at that movement hence decided to make her realize that what she did was not ethically acceptable.

Even after marrying my father she still treats his family as a foreigner, regardless of those twenty long years of his good relationship. My connection with my mother, after that miss-hap at grandparents’ home, had been just like fragmented English of my grandparents. To recognize the linguistic persecution it took seventeen long years which my grandparents and father touched for twenty years. After realizing it finally, my personality entirely changed.

My father an African born American shifted while my mother was an American national thus I was born in a family that belongs to an entirely diverse culture a similar to those first generations Americans. Due to the difference in cultural roots my parenthood passed in multi-culturally. It was hard for me to get adjusted with my class fellows and within my school. However, I can’t blame my parents for all this miss-hip, but I was crushed in between entirely two different cultures. It significantly influenced my ethics, beliefs and personal values and impacted my professional attitude considerably as a social work student.

It was tough when I saw other kids enjoying their grouping and playing with each other, after returning from school I always missed an enjoyable company as well as after watching that kids eat snakes and other floodable I always desired to have all of them but my father financial conditions were not supportive enough. With the slow pace, an obvious tension created by my parents and my mother always ignored my father family.

I remember that day when my father reached home from his office; had started planning for new residency under my mother demands as she didn’t want to live with my grandparents. With his sad, lost and passionless eyes surrounded by wrinkles and dark circles, he asked me in our native tongue that how was my day in the school. Her behavior also influenced my life as it became more central to my social circles and friends, and once we got driver licenses frequently, I was out of the house.

However after some years, my father’s medical business started to flourish, and earlier this year we shifted to a batter, lovely, and a vast upgraded place in the town. He was happy, cheering with pride while discussing plans of moving grandparents with at our new house. Knowing the fact that my mother will never accept this, I laughed weakly at his simple desire.

However, that encounter opened my eyes with, wholly destabilized and reformed my mind. I started to live alone at home or spend more time with friends that started hurting my mother’s feelings. Even though she is harsh towards my family but she still loves me, and this was the point of her return and changing behavior toward my family. At last, she accepted her defeat, and a revolutionary change happened in her expression.

That was the moment when she recognized her mistake, that how ignorant was she during all the time. After all that drama, our family unites again and never faced problems while speaking English. She started to practice all the cultural traditions and customs they followed. She was ashamed for all those years during which she misbehaves with my family, culture, background, and heritage.



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