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Causes Of Violence In School

School violence has increased over the years due to various factors in the school and family environment; students use weapons and assault other peers and teachers to satisfy their inner turmoil.


World Health Organization WHO describes school violence as the act of physical attacks by students on other students or school staff, which could happen inside the premises of the school. School violence is an increasing social and public health problem in the United States, which is the cause of physical abuse on students, which results in the loss of innocent lives. There are several effects of school violence, including the bad reputation of violent students, low academic scores, and erosion of cultural values.

Major Causes

The researchers have observed that violent behaviour in adolescents and children in schools has increased in the age of the technology revolution. The presence of gangs in schools and hostels is increasing by 24% in 2005. Possible reasons for school violence are:

• Open access to weapons leading to gun violence and injuries. Children under 18 were gaining access to firearms, which is an illegal activity.

• Media violence is the biggest cause of school violence in America; by the age of 12, an average American child has witnessed thousands of murders on television and violent series, which change their personality to a violent one.

• Cyber abuse is another big reason for school violence; computerized video games are becoming a craze among kids; violent video games expose children to explicit acts which turn them into gruesome individuals.

• The impact of environment, race, ethnicity and income levels of a family also play a major role in promoting school violence.

• The school environment is becoming more violent; according to research, 50% of students in urban and rural areas think that the school environment is hostile.

• School size is also increasing with the number of students; students hate teachers and assault them once per week, according to National Center for Education statistics.

• Family values, environment, and culture are also a major factors in promoting school violence. When parents neglect children, they turn to school violence and form gangs with like-minded students to create havoc.


The increasing problem of school violence in America indicates that this issue needs the immediate attention of scholars, families, students, and teachers to provide effective strategies to reduce the incidents of violent acts. School students who have nothing to look forward to in life are often involved in school violence, costing them their future and taking the lives of others.



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