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Health Care

Case study Smoking /Lung Cancer

Counseling Goals and Objectives:

Goal 1: Sven will learn the skills necessary to maintain a sober lifestyle, and cope with his lung cancer and stressful life.

Objective 1: Sven will learn to express negative and positive feelings to his wife, overcome his depression, and avoid smoking. Sven will be able to say positive things to himself too. Sven will also apply some healthy skills to himself to reduce and then eliminate the problem.

Objective 2: Sven will be able to know about the importance of workouts and healthy physical activities, He will also be able to create a schedule for himself that allows him to work out on a daily basis and to develop recreational programs to add fun to his life.

Objective 3: Sven will be able to have antidepressant medication. Through proper medication, he will be able to identify his recovery plan. Sven will be able to describe the reasons behind his smoking habit.

Goal 2: Sven will understand how smoking and lung cancer are interconnected and how can they affect his health.

Objective 1: Sven will be able to identify his smoking habit that can affect his health and can also put his lung cancer in a severe position. That will help him understand what harmful effects smoking tobacco has already caused him.

Objective 2: Sven will be able to make follow-up appointments to monitor the progression of his lung cancer. So that he will be able to keep himself updated about the progress he is showing in his treatment.

Objective 3: Sven will be able to demonstrate the actions and precautions to take when he feels that his smoking has dropped down and if he thinks that there is a complication with himself or his lungs because of cancer.



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