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The reason behind to conduct this interview to get insight into a target field. In this relaxed stage of the conversation, a person needs to ask questions, collect information and make contact with the knowledgeable and expert person.


Being a student of business, I want to choose a field of marketing or sales. I have done specialization in marketing. I have interest in both fields marketing and sales that are interrelated to each other. I have done an internship in the sales department as it is a requirement of our course. During my study, I arranged a seminar for marketing. I represented the old village concept into the new modern way. I also organized a seminar where I performed a sales activity and achieved sales target.


The objective to conduct an interview is to take expert opinion on a resume. It would be effective in targeting the desired field. It will be productive to enhance the relationship with other professionals. It is more useful to select job according to specific skills and expertise. This will provide learning experience how to present for a particular job interview. It will be easy to tap unseen facts and figures about market and chance of getting the opportunity will be increased.

One- minute self -sell

I wish to work for an organization where career and personal growth both are the priority of the organization. I am interested in getting the job of marketing or sales in any recognized food industry. I am a person who is fluent in the English language. I have done an internship in a clothing outlet where I have learned various things practically. Would I like to ask these skills are enough to get a job in the food industry? I got experience in clothing, but I want to work for the food industry. Is it right? Kindly suggest me if another field will be appropriate for me to do a job.

Develop network

At first stage, I would prefer LinkedIn to put information that is essential for the job. Facebook is another option to create necessary information. It will be more effective to use both of these resources to make a network. Here is the list of people in the food industry that are providing services in different chains. James, William, Stephen, and Steve are providing services in different chains as a manager in the food industry. Information from these persons would be valuable to work in this industry.

Name of the interviewee is Emma William. I am interested in working as a restaurant manager in the food industry.

Is it interesting for you to get this job?

It is fascinating and stimulating to get this opportunity. This is a service industry, and it is more pleasant for me to interact with other people as well as cater them.

Have you faced some challenges in this place?

It is very difficult to please and cater customers in the service industry. But it is a real task to satisfy every single customer with the services. It is a big challenge to cater annoying and unhappy customers so that goodwill of company remained same.

Do you like to want something real?

Work-life balance is more important for a working person. In the service industry, you have to control your responses and present yourself as a happy person.

Can you share a day experience?

One day, I was so sad due to personal issues. That day I faced the situation regarding one employee who did not cater the customer well. I went that place and delivered the services to customers. Every person inspired by this activity.

Suggest advice you would like to give for a job?

It will be great to work for food industry if you have the ability to control your feelings. This job requires some things. You have to build stamina enough to deal with every situation regarding employees and customers.

I have learned most of the things from this interview. I am also interactive and take the challenge to deal with other problems. There is a great need for people who do not express their stress and anger on others. Customers demand extra care and attention for the services that provide the food chain. I can find out through psychology tests whether I am perfect to do this job or not. Experiences in different industries can enhance more abilities and capabilities.

Thank you note

Thank you for sharing valuable information. It is very effective for me to have this information and to enter in this market. This information will actually help me to exploit opportunities in this field. I am very grateful for this secret information and precious time. It is honoured for me to have your presence



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