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Campaign finance in the money spent on supporting of electoral campaigns in the United States at all levels of government. At a federal level, the Congress is responsible for enacting campaign finance law, which enforced by an independent federal body, Federal Election Commission (FEC). Most of the campaign finance is privately financed by the campaign donors, while also public funding is available for the qualifying presidential candidates during primaries and general elections. To qualify for public funding on must be eligible for government subsidy. Those who use public funding are subjected to expenditure limits. Those who are running for state and local government offices are governed and regulated by state and local finance law. The state and local law differ from state to state; thus, some state allows corporate and union contributions to campaigns while others do not. The only four states that do not have contributions limit inlcude Utah, Oregon, Missouri, and Virginia. The thesis of this paper is: the report of 2016 presidential race campaign funding by each candidate and report of top organizations that have contributed to campaign finance.

Influence and Lobbying

Organizations Profile Report

Organizations include corporations, unions super PACs. Therefore, organizations funds have played an important role in funding political campaigns. The organizations managed to give more funds to campaigns than individuals’ money alone. Thus, the organizations’ money is crucial force and source of campaign funds. They have contributed money to individual politicians, Medias and through lobbying efforts. Therefore, the organizations have made their voices heard with the aim of influencing elected officials and legislation enacted in a way that protects their economic, politician and social interests.

Historically top organizations have contributed to the campaigns with aim of protecting their interests.

Report of Top Seven of All-Time Organization Donors

Rank Organizations Total Contributions
1 Service Employees International Union $278,431,918
2 Fahr LLC $181,612.614
3 National Education Assn $124,339,250
4 American Federation of State $114,823,339
5 Las Vegas Sands $113,866,908
6 Carpenters & Joiners Union $112,065,035
7 American Federations of Teachers $110,854,652

The Service Employees International Union is the biggest contributor of all-time to campaign funds in American history. Therefore all the above organizations are the top seven contributors to American politics.

There are different types of organization that funds the campaigns that include lobbying and business organizations. The union organization funds political campaigns to expand their influences on policies that will favor their interest. Also, lobbying organizations are those organizations that contributes to the campaigns such influence the congress on certain bills that favor their interest. The campaign funds are contributed by both individuals and organizations. Also, these organizations either fund a republic or democrat candidate. Moreover, most of the organizations have consistently funded a particular party candidate at every election period.

Therefore, lobbying organizations fund the campaign with special interests, lobbying describes the scenario where the group with special interests hire well-connected lawyers, to advocate certain bills to policymakers in the United States.

Although organizations contribute a lot of cash to campaigns, corporations and unions are not allowed to directly donate to candidates and the national party. One disadvantage of personal donations is that campaigns look out for “blunders”; thus, individual can gather donations from different organizations and individuals and contribute the sum to the campaign.

Politician & Elections

2016 Presidential Race Campaign Funding by Candidate

The 2016 race began early with high numbers of potential candidates lobbying for party donors. The donor plays an important role in funding candidate campaigns. Therefore, the candidates assembled teams that later by the campaign staffs. The amount raised by the 2016 presidential race candidates was $1.5, and the amount raised by the super PACs supporting them was $618Campaign.

Funds by Each Candidate

Candidate Committee money Outside money
Hillary Clinton $563,756,928 231,118,680
Donald Trump 333,127,164 75,269,043
Gary Johnson 11,983,980 1,386,971
Jill Stein 3,713,170 0
Evan McMullin 1,634,822 0

Candidate Committee Money

Hillary Clinton had the biggest contributions compared other candidates, but the Donald Trump won the elections. Therefore, the campaign’s fund helps the candidates to conduct their campaigns, but it doesn’t mean that the money will make them win the elections. Raising money enables the candidate to spend that money on the campaigns; thus, raising money is the first step for any running candidate. The money raised must be reported to Federal Election Commission. The committee money is money raised by the candidate super PACS while the outside money is money raised from the organizations and other well-wishers.

Political action committee (PAC) contributed much of the money that was used in the 2016 presidential campaigns. Super PACs are organizations for or against for certain political candidates. An organization becomes a PAC if it can spend more than $1000 to influence an election. Therefore, super PACs were biggest contributes to the campaign that was used in 2016 race.


The finding of the reports is that the candidates are using a lot of funds in their campaigns. Those who are running for state and local government offices are governed and regulated by state and local finance law. The presidential race used $1.5 billion campaign funds. Also, the organizations are using a lot of cash to fund candidates who were running for the offices. There is less use of public funding since candidates subjected to expenditure limits. Therefore, most of the funds that are used in elections came from private citizens and organizations.



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