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Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

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Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Author and Illustrator: Bill Martin, Jr., Eric Carle

Summary: The book is simple, it has little to no plot and is repetitive in manner. The narrator asks several animals (that includes a bear, black sheep, white dogs, yellow duck, red bird, purple cat etc.) what they see and the response is usually another color animal.  “Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?” Then, from the viewpoint of the bear, it says “I see a red bird looking at me”. It follows a rhyme and rhythm which is repeated, by the end of song a fish sees a teacher or mother, she asks the students the same question, students say they see all the animals and the mother or teacher.

Why is it Appropriate for Toddlers and Two’s: Brown Bear is a perfect book for toddlers and two due to its simplicity and minimalistic nature, many parents and teachers have recommended this book when it comes to reading because many children find it difficult to read at the age of two. This book is simple, it raises their confidence and they think they are successful readers. More than plot and story, the book is sensory and at the age of two children tend to like things where they do not have go for plots and events.

*3 Activities Related to the Book:

1. Music: Rhyming pattern of that allows children to sing, the rhyming is so predictable that it encourages children to participate.

2. Coloring: The animals present in the book can be cut into large pieces of paper and children can paint them with colors.

3. Math: children can count the number of animals occurring in the book that can engage them in learning numbers.




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