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Book Maritime Security

The book Maritime Security is a publication of Michael McNicholas comprising of fourteen chapters, however, in this article twenty five topics have been selected from chapter one to chapter nine for the purposes of analysis.

1. Functions of major seaports. From this topic we learnt that the major items we normally use for significant purposes such as clothes, vehicle etc. are loaded and offloaded in the seaports.

2. Various forms of seaports. In this topic we learnt that there are indeed different types of seaports around the world, depending on the nature of goods it handles (Michael McNicholas). These ports include container ports, bulk cargo ports, nontraditional ports and cruise terminal ports.

3. Changes in two world’s major canals. In this topic, we learnt the changes in the world’s two major canals; Panama Canal and the Suez Canal..

4. Evolution of the modern ships. Ships have evolved for over 50 years. The models of the current ships depends entirely on their purposes.

5. Types of modern ships. Under this topic we looked the various types of the modern ships and their usage. It was evident that ships vary in their type majorly because of the diversity in their operations and goods they ferry.

6. Development of “greener” ships. The rise and development of these ships. Also the factors leading to their rise (Michael McNicholas).

7. Process of ocean cargo transportation. We learnt that for goods to be ordered from the manufacturing company to another country via ocean, then there must be a protocol to be followed.

8. Documentation for import and export. For transportation using ocean cargo then there are documents to be complied with.

9. Definition of terms. Here we learnt that there are terms used in the ocean transportation. This terms are well explained in this chapter.

10. ISPS code. This due to the terrorist attack 9/11, was enacted by the united for security purposes in the ocean transportation.

11. MTSA Act. This was enacted by US to guard marine transport.

12. Maritime terrorist attacks. Here is presented the impact of these terrorists attacks on maritime.

13. Security measures. This topic majorly addresses the recommended precautions against these attacks. Also how individuals can apply their own personal security, to reduce the cases of these attacks.

14. History of piracy. In this topic, the history of piracy of piracy is explained and it’s nature. How it then affects maritime transport is also elaborated.

15. Methods of piracy. Here is presented the various techniques used by pirates. How piracy, terrorism and other well organized crimes are connected.

16. Origins and transportation of the three major illicit drugs. We learn that these drugs include cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. We also learn that these drugs are mostly transported through the ocean.

17. Routes for drug trafficking. In this topic we learn how hectic it is to detect the routes used for drug smuggling.

18. Position of “front companies” in promoting drug smuggling. It was noted, however, that some companies are highly ranked in promoting drug trafficking by their operation and illegal businesses( Michael McNicholas).

19. Tactics of smuggling in the marine route. In this topic we learnt that there are various ways in which drug trafficking is propagated in the ocean cargos and vessels.

20. Attacks of ships in the past decades in North Africa. This topic is important as it presents the past historical record which may be used to prevent future reoccurrence.

21. Awareness of tactics used by terrorists. This topic presents the various tactics used by terrorists and other illegal groups to hinder maritime transportation.

22. Relationship between terrorists and other criminal groups. This helps in finding the solution to deal with each case.

23. Impacts of the cyber threats. This is important in measuring the magnitude of loss of goods.

24. Cyber threats at the seaports and ships. This helps in solving the issue of smuggling and other crimes at the ports.

25. The major targets of the seaports and ships. In this topic we are able to learn those who targets our seaports to highjack our ships thus preventive measures can be taken.


1 Book (Maritime Security: An Introduction by Michael McNicholas Edition 2nd, Publisher Butterworth-Heinemann, 2016 ISBN 0128036737 or 9780128036730)



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