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Bonds Payable Vs Notes Payable Comparison


When planning to sell your home one should recommend following actions. Inside the house, look for the things that need to be repaired like missing tiles and broken door or windows.It is very important that the home should appeal the customer in the first place. As the first impression is the last impression. Create curb appeal. If you’re deciding to pant your house, think of neutral colors as it will appeal the customer to imagine his things on that painted wall. The house you are planning to sell should be clean in all the aspects, there should be no shoes placed in the middle of the room.

Following are the factors that affect the selling pricing of the house.

  • Assess the real estate market conditions.
  • Look for the recent sales prices for the same or comparable houses.
  • Neighborhood and location of the house.
  • Understand that fixtures and furnishing matters in selling a house (Desimone)

Bonds Payable Vs Notes Payable

A business can raise money through different sources but bonds and notes are considered best sources. Both are the forms of debt. The company accepts cash from a separate entity or an organization and pay back along with a specified interest in both the cases. The interest expense incurred on Bonds and notes shown as interest expense in the income statement. Note payable and the bond payable both appears in the liabilities section of the balance sheet. In terms of accounting both are the same. Practically and structurally both have the same impact on the balance sheet of the company. Both are the written promises to repay the principal amount along with interest. The main difference between Bonds payable and Notes payable is bonds are always considered as a security while notes are not necessarily considered as security. Bonds are issued generally in long-term basis while Notes issued are not on the long-term basis (What Is the Difference Between a Bond vs. Note Payable?).

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