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Body Modification – Or Mutilation? Written By Dr. Anthony Youn


The topic “Body Modification – or Mutilation?” was written by Dr. Anthony Youn. It discusses the implications of body modifications and considers whether their use is justifiably good or bad. The author goes to great lengths about the various body modifications that people are interested in these days. These modifications, in the author’s opinion, are gruesome and involve the use of unethical and unconventional surgery practices. On closer inspection, these modifications can be seen as surgeons getting the opportunity to perform unbelievable operations on patients, especially a majority of them being from the youth group. These modifications are not only limited to the United States but their effects can also be seen on a global scale. One such example of bizarre modifications can be found in Japan.

The Japanese people have started following the trend of getting the “doughnut forehead,” which involves injecting saline into the forehead and then pressing it in the middle to give it a doughnut appearance. Sickening, isn’t it? Although this, along with the tattoos, is merely the tip of the iceberg, what lies underneath it is more horrifying than acquiring a lousy tattoo or walking around in public with a doughnut forehead.

People have been found to have a weird craving to change their physical appearances to match those of reptilians or felines. Although, none of the surgeons can vouch in for giving out an extreme makeover or extensive body modifications to people. It is because it will require the patient to undergo extensive surgery, and without the involvement of actual doctors, there will not be any real atheism involved. Numerous body modifications, however exciting or thrilling they may seem, are merely an indication of youth trying to gain acknowledgement from their peers or to acquire a unique identity. These modifications, being mere means to become uniquely identifiable, are actions that contribute to acts of mutilation.



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