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Bob Marley Essay

Robert Nesta Marley, also known as Bob Marley, was a singer and songwriter from Jamaica, who became a worldwide artist and a cultural musical icon. He was born in Feb 1945, in a Nine Mile, a small town in Jamaica. His music was mostly of reggae, rocksteady, and ska genre (Unterberger, 2017). Bob Marley started in music career in 1963, where he collaborated with a local music band, The Wailers. After disbanding with The Wailers in 1974, Marley started to pursue his career as a solo singer and relocated in England. There he first released his album Exodus in 1977, which increased his reputation and the album was considered the best selling of all time. Later he published another album named Kaya in 1978, which included hit songs like “Is This Love” and “Satify My Soul”. In 1984, his album Legend was released, and marley died three years after that. Ultimately, his last album was the best selling reggae of all time.

The most famous song of Marley, was “Is This Love” which was from the album Kaya. It was in the charts for 56 times, and considered the best known song of all time. in 1978, this song was on number 9 in the UK charts, and number 8 in Scotland music charts. In this song, marley referres to his lover, displaying hope and faith. People need to keep faith in themselves and do not lose hope. Marley is symbolizing love as a factor which brings him and his lover closer, and says that we will be together upon a certain time (Marley et al. 2017). In the song, Marley speaks about the single bed, on which he died and links it to the song by saying that “we will be together on a single bed”. The song creates hope for a person that there are ways which can bring us together.


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