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Bihar Baby Case Study

The Bihar Baby should be rescued and taken to a foster care facility, children home or to the nearest church where she can be taken care off. This is the baby is innocent of any offense she is being punished for doing. It is the baby’s will to be born in another village and therefore, the argument that she is an outcast does not make sense. However, killing baby violates her right to life, it is immoral to kill, and it is biblically wrong and against the God’s commandment. Therefore, the best decision is to take the baby to somewhere she can be taken care of by either the government or the church.

First and foremost, the right to life is universal and everyone has the right to life which cannot be taken away by anyone. And therefore, killing the baby is against the law and it wrong. Killing has never been right and any argument that rescuing the baby interferes with the community practice does not make sense. It is because whether in India or anywhere in the United States, killing cannot be supported by world religion or community practice. The religious practices cannot be allowed to violate the right of anyone and therefore, the killing the baby in the name of outcast cannot be enough reason to take life.

It is against the international law to kill anyone and therefore, the villagers do not have the right to kill the baby. The human right law protects everyone and the right to life cannot be taken away by one. Therefore, leaving the baby to die violates the right of the baby and it is immoral which my conscious cannot allow. The United Nations universal protects everyone despite the country or the region where someone comes from. And hence the fact that Bihar community has been killing babies born out of wedlock does not make it right. It has been wrong and it must be stopped. The practice which violates the right of someone cannot be right because it has been practiced in the past and it can never be right to kill. The best way is to take the baby to any foster care around where she can be protected so that she can live as other people in the society.

It is also morally wrong or immoral to practice killing anyone and anywhere in the world. First, it is biblical wrong since it is written in the bible that “though shall not kill” and sacrificing the innocent baby is killing which is against the God’s commandment. Though morals are not universal and different regions have different practices but kill of a baby cannot be tagged to community practices. The killing of any human being is wrong and punishable anyone in the world and therefore, the fact that killing is wrong even in Bihar makes the practice immoral and against the law as well.

In conclusion, every human being has the right to life and it is immoral to subject an innocent person to suffering. Again, the social norms or tradition does not supersede the right to life. The universal human right does is global and whether in Bihar or anywhere in the world it cannot be right to kill anyone. Human rights are the rights which everyone human being has and one of them is the right to life, moral is the judgment whether something is acceptable or not. And usually morals are not universal, it differ from one community or region to another but killing is morally wrong universal since life is protected by laws.



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