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Benefits of Public Education Essay

Public education is one of the responsibility of the schools and institutes in the United States which are concerned in schooling of the general public and children free of cost and are run by multinational firms and on the public expense. They are highly beneficial for the students and provides necessary improvements in the student’s personnel growth with respect to the different social, psychological and general factors of the community. Public education and public schooling is considered as one of the best way to do some better schooling of individuals and the society as a whole. The main aim of the paper is to discuss the benefits of the public education and the ways of how the society could find improvements in the social activities as well as the children of initial ages could find an extra help and support in their education problems by profound teachers.

The public education is normally funded by the government or by the native community as a whole. It is regulated by the authorities so that the education should be maintained according to the standards. Socialization and cultural transmission are the core purposes of the public education. Some of the most important among all of other benefits is the social development of the individuals which help them to survive in the diverse community of the United States. The public education helps the adolescents and the teenagers to understand their personnel and cognitive weakness and helps them to improve them on the necessary levels.

It is known that the United States is one of the best country which is practicing diversity in its educational and social institutes and have tried its best to show the least discrimination among all the different religions, genders, race and ethnicity. It should be noted that the whole world is globalized and the people have highly relocated because of their native country’s issues. Race and ethnicity is faced highly which is required highly to be tolerated and stabilized. The students who study in the normal schools don’t find that much exposure to the different races and genders as they find that in the public education institutes. The public education institutes teaches the students the right way to consider and treat the different faith and ethnicity. It is the only best way in which the adolescents and children find tolerance and doubtless ethical practical education which let them get involved in the diversity of the society and improve their own personnel ethical standards.

Many public education centers allow the students to come together and work in the form of teams. This practice is rare in the schools and the public education centers perform them efficiently. The teachers enrolled in the public education are normally volunteers or sometimes paid by the society for sophisticated education only like giving the private tuition to the children or some ethical lessons to the complete society. Teamwork is the most important part of the professional world. In many cases the United States Educational board have confirmed that without the public education, the schooling of the society is not enough because of lack of time and money for everyone for the personnel as well as the children’s improvement. The teamwork is improved when the teacher gives an extra effort in dividing the task into a number of individuals of the group of two to ten students. These practices help students to know how to become a best part in the group and their importance as a group.

Many American education system critics have spoken out against the educational system that the public education system is the only system which helps in the personnel development of the individuals. For this purpose the educational public education institutes have arranged the good and well managed settings of the discussions which makes the students to enroll in public speaking for their personnel development.

Drugs, gang, social crimes and robbery are some of the prominent crimes which are practiced in all over the world. For giving the children a complete and socially strong education which able them to fight against these crimes as well as let them understand what these crimes and their negative impacts on their own selves as well as on the society, it is necessary to enroll the children in the social education. Public education is the place where the individual inspirations are understood and are well realized. The students of universities and the students of school and collages are given a space to sit and discuss their life experiences which enlightens the best ways for the collage boys to understand their future as well as inspires the school children.

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that the public education should be highly practiced so that the social education of an individual could be performed. This practice is very nicely practiced in the United States and the public education centers perform them efficiently. Among many of most efficient benefits, it is the social development of the individuals which help them to endure in the diverse community of the United States of America. Positive friendships are made, access to library, free books and internet helps the people to get in touch with the literature and current affairs. Many people have claimed that due to the Public education they found their life well improved and the hopelessness was gone forever and completely disabled. It enlightened their individual stability. It is advised that public education must be highly practiced in all over the world for the betterment of the community.

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