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Evolution is a broad topic. It is termed by researchers as one of the fascinating areas of study with intriguing questions. It merely explains how human beings to be and what their ancestors looked like. It shows the advancement and development of human life and the changes it went through. This process is associated with some benefits as discussed in this essay.

The event is known to facilitate long-life learning. In the Stone Age, people used various strategies to survive. However, the methods used differed in the various stages of evolution. In each evolution stage, there was an advancement in their ways of living. Long-life learning led to multiple discoveries in the technological world as well as in the health sector. As human beings evolved, they became more refined and cleverer. There was the discovery of fire, axes, clothes, vehicles and planes among others. Medics also discovered various herbs and medicine which they used to cure a variety of diseases. There was also the discovery of vaccines which protect people from multiple illnesses (Sober).

In the event of evolution, a well-choreographed transition into the middle age took place. Other than the growth and development of the fetus to a baby, this form of development of human life is equally significant. It is one of the most incredible of all. It is a phase of life characterized by resilience, health, energy-efficiency and productivity. This period is the foundation of the successes of our species. Notably, the multiple duties played by the middle-aged individuals in the human communities are quite complex and interlinked creating an impression of the most impressive and fascinating living things produced by natural selection (Scott et al, 38-47).

From the precedent, it is evident that evolution was a crucial phase in the human existence. It marked change, developments and advancements. It played a significant role in the establishment of a foundation to innovation and shaping the current world.

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