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Balance in your Life Essay

Balance of life a vital figure to discuss. For achieving a balance doesn’t mean that the goal is achieved. It is an ongoing process which means that an individual should have to get adapted to a routine which would be helpful in keeping calm, relaxed and comfortable to the regular routines of the current time. There are many ways through which the balance could be achieved in which the best one includes the prioritizing of things, setting the goals (both short and long term), being highly specific (but on a comfortable level), and keeping failure in mind while performing a task. The main aim of the paper is to discuss the importance of balance and the consequences faced when the life gets unbalanced.

The balance in the life is highly essential. It creates the sense of completeness and satisfaction which is necessary for taking care of the regular activities properly. If the balance is achieved than an individual is seen to be sound in his health, work, personal activities and other chores of life. Our life is made up of a number of different and highly important areas including the family, financial, intellectual, social, spiritual, recreational, romance, and friendships which only be carried out at the level best when we have a proper balance.

When an individual is unable to perform his daily tasks or is mentally upset, it means he is not physically or mentally performing sound in all subjects of life. It is the symptoms of getting out of balance. The main reasons of getting out of balanced includes the lack of nurturing, lack of having priorities, creating an ineffective mindset, inability of accepting the unexpected and the lack of having positive attitudes in the regular tasks (Greenhaus, Collins & Shaw, 2003). They could be highly painful for the person whose life is unstable. He loses his control on a number of different chores of life which is not a good way to live a happy and a comfortable life.

If the life gets out of balance for a temporary period of time, then the loss is not as much but if the time gets extended then there are possibilities of getting severe damages to the regular life and it is almost impossible sometimes to get back to the previous lifestyle. Health is an important factor of life and it could be discussed on priority. Almost half of the world faces the out of balance time of their life because of long lasting health issues including the flu, cancer, Diabetes, and many other diseases which results in either death or make an individual unable to adjust the tough and healthy lifestyle (Greenhaus, Collins & Shaw, 2003).

The people who feels inability to defend themselves from the out of balance, they usually moves towards the wrong and depressing environments. It includes the Alcohol abuse, Cigarette smoking, illegal drug abuse, gambling, over the counter medicine abuse, and extended spending of the alone time. They would not be able to get back to their normal life without any external help. For this purpose, the proper medical cure is given by the rehabilitation centers where the emotional health is improved. Depression, Suicide, STDs & STIs are also some of the most important issues of unbalanced lifestyles (Ferrett, 2010).

The people who wants to keep away from these kind of situations, performs precautions in which the top most is food management. Restrict to diet foods, cut down on caffeine, taking multivitamin, drinking water and maintaining an ideal weight. Rest or having sleep is one of the most important factor for maintaining a sound health. The best time to sleep is the night and almost 6-9 hours (Ferrett, 2010).


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