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Availability of Data to Calculate Migration Rates and Ratios in the United States

Globalization brought about the age of migration, which records an increase in the number of people moving from one country to another. Such a move presents some environmental as well as socioeconomic impacts. The existence of international migration contributes to the shift on the national as well as the regional population on matters related to the structure, growth as well as the size. Due to such, there is the need to equip the policymakers with the right information on matters related to migrant inflow as well as outflows. Moreover, the provision of the demographic attributes makes it feasible to calculate various rations related to immigration. The main characteristic to consider includes the age and gender. Such statistics play a crucial role in planning.

According to the findings presented by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, there exist useful data on matters related to the flow of international migrants. Such results are helpful in providing oversight on issues related to the expansion of social amenities as well as other economy-related demands. However, lack of global dataset on the demographic characteristics makes it an uphill task to find the corresponding age as well as different ratios of the migrants (“ILO” par. 2). There is need to have a clear set of information on matters related to the age as well as gender composition to deduce findings that will foster both short-term as well as long-term planning in the region. Even though such data on demographics such as age and gender never exist, policymakers need to implement sophisticated systems that will record them shortly. Such a move is imperative since it will enable the government to plan based on demand rather than generalizing on demands. The outcome will improve the welfare of individuals in the United States.

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